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Cookie policy

There are lots of reasons why our website makes use of cookies. The main reason is that cookies make our website work in a better, more efficient way. Cookies help us to collect little pieces of data from our website visitors so we can recognize repeat visitors and make our site most informative, personal and user-friendly. We are committed to making sure that your privacy is protected.


Here is an overview of personal data that we may collect from our website visitors with the help of cookies. The data we collect can be used for storing, transferring and sharing:

Advertising Data. This personal preference data based on your surfing behaviour during your website visit. Things that interest you (pages you visit), preferences in communication and so on. (it is thanks to advertising data that keeps Google services and other service websites free of charge) The cookies make it easier to deliver advertisements to the right audience.)

Data on information technology. This is computer-related data such as your IP Address, logins, traffic, weblogs, timezone, location and operating system.

Personal, individual Data. This is identity-related data. Your name and username, gender, day & place of birth, passport number etc.

Account & Profile Data. This is data linked to your account/profile, giving access to your username and password, data on bookings you made, feedback & responses, preferences and interests.

Usage and Operational Data. This data stores your actions across our website and it gives us information about the use and operation of our website by our website visitors.

Economic and Financial Data. This is data that we need to process your bookings. The data we use is in line with PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to prevent misuse and fraud.

Enquiry and Sales Data. This is data we get from your transactions/purchases on our website including payment details, subscriptions and product details on the purchased item(s)/service(s).

Market Research Data. This data is used for market research, such as information on price comparison.

Communication Data. All communication methods with our customers are stored with the help of communication data. Phone calls, email, chat, everything is recorded to provide the best services possible. Communication data also includes personal information filled in on our website such as the address of delivery, the billing address, your email address and your phone number.

We also make use of aggregated data to collect statistical and demographic information. Aggregated Data is derived from your personal information but it never reveals your identity. To give you an example: we may use your operation data to calculate a certain percentage of users that make use of a certain feature on our website. The combined data we collect through aggregated data is used in accordance with the Privacy Notice.

We may obtain Special Categories of data from your personal information, relating to your sex, religion and health. Our Privacy Notice explains how we process the information we get from your personal data.

We do not collect any information about Criminal convictions and Offences.

What sources do we use to collect your personal data?

The following sources are used to collect your personal data:

1. The first source if from you directly - it is the personal information you provide us with either in person at one of our offices, through telephone, email or our website. We can collect this data in the following ways:

(a) Brochure request

(b) Making an appointment

(c) Using our ‘Live Chat’ services on the website or contacting our Personal Travel Experts

(d) Subscribing to one of our services or publications

(e) Requesting marketing material from us

(f) Completing a survey

(g) Saving a proposal

(h) Sending us an email

2. Automated technologies.
This includes cookies, call recordings, server logs and such.

3. Third parties
A third party can be one of the following:

(a) analytics providers;

(b) advertising networks;

(c) search information providers;

(d) providers of technical, payment and delivery services;

(e) data brokers or aggregators;

(f) partnerships;

(g) travel agents.


Your personal data may be disclosed to the following data collectors:

  • Subcontractors & third parties who process data on our behalf so we can provide the best services. Read more about what personal data we disclose to these third parties in our privacy notice.

  • Group companies, affiliates and third parties that enable us to carry out our business practices. Read more about what personal data we disclose to these parties in our privacy notice.

  • HMRC, legal and other authority regulators, including those who request your personal data or to report any violations of law.

  • external professional advisers such as accountants, bankers, insurances, auditors and lawyers;

  • law enforcement agencies, courts, immigration authorities, customs and excise authorities or other relevant parties for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal rights;

  • third parties in order to prevent, investigate, detect or prosecute criminal offences.

  • third parties who have decided or are considering to buy assets and shares from us, merge with us or to whom we may transfer our business in the event of reorganisation, dissolution or liquidation of our company.

  • third parties operating plugins or content like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


It is important that the personal data we obtain about you is accurate. To ensure this, we take all necessary precautions but we do not verify if the personal data provided by you.  Please keep us updated on changes in your personal data. You can do this by logging into your account on our website or by contacting us directly. We will not be responsible for any losses arising from inaccurate, inauthentic or deficient personal data that you have provided to us.


Your personal data may be transferred, stored or processed outside of European Economic Area, for instance when you book a holiday to a destination outside of this area (Bali, Maldives, Sri Lanka, etc). Your personal data will be transferred to this particular destination in order to process, complete and confirm your booking with the Seven Holiday / The Seven Agency. We take the necessary steps to protect your privacy and take care of your personal details. In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679, we ensure the following:

  • We place adequate safeguards to protect your personal data.

  • Transfers are made on basis of adequacy decision.

  • Privacy Shield for transfers to the US

  • The European Commission decided that non-EU countries ensure an adequate level of protection.


We store your personal data for a minimum period of time, abiding to relevant legal obligations. Data received from your bookings and related to marketing will be started for 8 years, starting from the date of your departure / the last day of interaction with us.

This policy only applies to our website. When visiting another website through our website, different privacy policies apply. Make sure to read and understand them. We do not control these third party websites and we are not responsible for the use of your personal data by these third party websites.