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What makes us stand out from the rest.

We believe that our very experienced, specialised and professional team makes us stand out from the rest. Indeed, how can we find enough quality time for our customers if we are a “one-woman-show” wedding planner and do everything alone: reply to emails, meet the clients, choose the decorations, create a schedule and much more? What if this one man or one woman wedding organiser get sick? And how can they ensure perfection if they use some freelancers for organising events, who may be not well trained or may even be unavailable for a particular wedding event?

Wedding planning services provided by hotels or resorts usually do not have in-house wedding specialists. That’s why, to make it easier for themselves, a hotel or resort requires couples to choose one of their limited and inflexible wedding packages (rule number 1). Also they apply weird corkage fees if you want to engage your own professional photographer, make-up stylist or any other specialised service (rule number 2). And needless to say about privacy issue: other hotel's guests will always surround you during your special day.

Unlike many other wedding planners or hotel staff, we have a large in-house team (42 Bali-based employees and over 20 staff in other destinations), and widely use specialisation through every step during the creation of your fairytale wedding, starting with our chat-manager when you first speak to us online, and ending with a wedding butler whilst you are enjoying your special day!

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