Our team

The way we work for you: distinct specialisation and professionalism at every step.

Whether you want a wedding ceremony or a honeymoon holiday, please remember: you will always experience care, understanding, and love from our large, fun, professional team including in-house stylists, photographers, make-up artists and other experts. You are special and unique, and your event is not just "another project" to us. 

Let’s acknowledge in detail the process of your wedding planning with The Seven Agency:



Stage 1. You visit our website WWW.7.AGENCY and prepare some questions. 
You get in touch with: Chat manager.
Although, our easy to use website enables you to choose a package with each component outlined with pictures, prices and a description, the first person you may talk with is our Chat manager. On the right bottom corner of the website you will find our chat manager, she is generally online most of the time. 
With the assistance of our Chat manager, you can get instant and live answers on all quick or general questions you may have. Once you wish to obtain complete wedding options or estimations, you will be assigned with a Personal wedding expert. 
Main responsibilities of the Chat manager:
Consulting and providing answers on initial quick questions in regards to product, company or destination. 
Registering all new enquiries and handing over them to one of the Personal wedding expert.

Stage 2. You are interested in some package (s), wish to get detailed info and send us a specific wedding enquiry. 
You get in touch with: Personal wedding expert. 
Once you send your wedding requirements to our email, you will receive a reply within one day by one of our Personal wedding experts (consultants) who will liaise with you until all arrangements are sorted out. Depending on your preferences, you may continue discussions via email, WhatsApp, Skype or request call-back to your phone number at convenient time. At this stage you decide on a wedding venue, date, package inclusions and make a down payment in accordance to the agreed wedding contract.
Main responsibilities of Personal wedding expert:
Personalised and 100% focused consulting via email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype etc. 
Planning, budgeting and providing options for all necessary wedding arrangements.
Booking of chosen wedding options, vendors and venues. 
Clarifying all questions and responsibilities with vendors.
Creating rundown (schedule) for the wedding day.

Stage 3. You want a hassle-free service to accommodate and transport your guests.
You get in touch with our Travel Expert.
Our Wedding Expert will offer you our exclusive and absolutely free travel service. After your confirmation our Travel Expert will get in touch with you by email with a proposal to accommodate all of your guests in one single area closest to the wedding venue to avoid any roadblocks and delays.
In Bali there is a heavy traffic, so to ensure that all of your guests arrive at the venue on time, we arrange for them all to stay in the same location. Our Travel Expert can ensure that your guests will have the best accommodation rates. These rates are lower than you would find online. Transportation and accommodation costs are charged to each individual guest so you can relax with the knowledge that everything is well taken care of. After all, you and your guests will have a complete hassle-free travel service with the lowest rates, and it’s absolutely free.
Main responsibilities of the Travel Expert:
Providing first class accommodation options.
Support all communication with your guests related to their accommodation and transportation, including payment.
Offering your guests with individual amazing Bali tour packages at their request.
Best consult in accommodation, transportation and tour services via email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype etc.

Stage 4. Attending the Pre-wedding meeting in our office. 
You meet: Meeting manager. 
Once a down payment is made, you will be contacted by our Meeting manager who will make appointment with you for your pre-wedding meeting. She will be prepared and aware of all details that you discussed with your Personal wedding planner. The meeting will be in one of our comfortable offices where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine as we discuss the details of your upcoming ceremony. You may also meet the team and see the guys who work in the field for you. 
Main responsibilities of the Meeting manager:
Pre-wedding meeting-presentation in the office.
Modifying rundown (if required) for the wedding day.
Modifying package inclusions (if required).


Stage 5. You enjoy your wedding day. 
You meet: Project manager, Area managers, Personal wedding butler and all vendors stuff. 
The Project manager is a main person responsible for every part of your wedding day. He coordinates all Area managers. He is also a problem-solver in case of any unusual situation that may occur although this rarely happens. 
Main responsibilities of the Project manager:
Coordinating of all divisions and managing teams. 
Solving non-standard issues in case anything out of the ordinary happens.
Area managers: 
For big events - minimum of 7 team members.
For small events - minimum of 3 team members.
Main responsibilities of the Area managers:
Coordinating vendors in line with timing and set up. Depending on the size of wedding, each manager is responsible for separate specific parts of the event. For example, Area manager A is responsible for catering, Area manager B is responsible for entertainment, Area manager C is responsible for equipment and furniture etc. 
Therefore, with such precise sharing of responsibilities we achieve maximal focus and attention to detail as well as strict work ethics from our suppliers. 
Main responsibilities of the Personal wedding butler: 
Exceptionally personalised assistance throughout entire event. Your personal wedding butler is on standby for providing water, sun umbrellas, flip-flops, tissues and anything else that newlyweds may require.
Quality standards of our vendors and suppliers:
Needless to say that we also very carefully choosing vendors and suppliers to work with. Each vendor must pass the examination before they qualify to provide services to our clients. Please read more about this on this page Our vendors.
Moreover, during wedding events with over 40 guests, you can always notice Quality control manager who will register every little detail of your special day. 


Stage 6. You receive a photo and video albums and we receive your feedback. 
You get in touch with: Follow up manager.
On your behalf we will follow up with vendors to obtain photos, videos, legal documents or any other issues that may require attention. 
You will be also asked to provide your feedback about how things went. We appreciate all opinions from our clients and continue to keep working on becoming better. 
Main responsibilities of the Follow up manager:
Sending links to download photo and video albums within a deadline. 
Receiving feedback from client.

Team in actionOn the left: Division managers are in action with guests during a wedding reception :-). On the right: Meeting manager with a couple during Prewedding discussion in the office.


(Optional staff are available for additional services):

We have more specialists who can work with you for your event in case you order additional services that are not included in the basic package: individual styling or full concept design, legal arrangements and inspecting the venues before you make a choice.

Decoration stylist:
Consulting, choosing, creating, or modifying decoration style. 
Budgeting and booking are necessary components regarding the decoration style. 
Creating decoration style presentation.

Full wedding concept (Head) stylist: 
Consulting, choosing, creating, or modifying full wedding concept. 
Budgeting and booking are necessary components of the full wedding concept. 
Creating a full wedding concept presentation.

Inspection manager:
Discussing details and planning wedding venue inspections itinerary (3 venues per day). 
Booking of venues for wedding inspections.
Venue inspection, including transport, driver, snacks, water and accompanied by a professional manager.

Legal arrangement manager:
Consulting with all legal wedding arrangement procedures. 
Presenting the documents with Civil Office and Religious institutes.
Booking of Civil Office representative and Religious representative for the chosen wedding date. 
Processing the procedure of marriage registration at the embassy or consulate (if required).

So this is our team with whom you are going to communicate or get in touch during your hassle-free wedding planning process. On this list, we haven’t included those who work behind the scenes: marketing managers, accounting staff, administrators, assistants, drivers, management etc.

The Seven Agency is a member of:  

The Marriage  Bali Wedding Association  Asita  All you need to know about a Bali Wedding