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What is a “wedding planner” or “wedding organizer” in Bali? A brief introduction.
A wedding planner or organizer is a professional company or a group of people who help couples to organize their destination wedding event, in this case on the island of Bali. Primary functions of wedding organizers are recommending wedding venues & options, budgeting, creating a detailed rundown of the wedding, booking the vendors, arranging venue inspections, executing events “on the field” and more. As you can see, it is quite a lot and because most couples don’t live here on the island but overseas, it is essential to hire a wedding planner. Generally speaking, there are two types of wedding planner businesses in Bali: the so-called “one-woman shows” and established wedding companies.  

What is the difference between a “one-woman show” wedding organizer and an established wedding company?
The main difference between the two is that the one-woman (or man) show are individuals who personally communicate with their clients and arrange everything themselves from budgeting to the rundown to the booking of vendors and so on while wedding companies usually have a full-time, in-house team working on wedding events (sometimes the team even includes photographers and make-up artists). Wedding companies have an office, a showroom, corporate standards and business procedures. Individual wedding planners make use of freelancers.

Without a single doubt, we would recommend a wedding company over a one-woman show and this is why:

      • Different to wedding companies, an individual wedding planner simply does not have enough time for all of their clients - they will be too busy making arrangements. How can they offer true quality time for their customers when they have to meet their clients, contact vendors, inspect wedding venues, reply to emails, make schedules etc.
      • Different from individuals, companies can’t get sick. If your particular wedding consultant, hired by the wedding company of your choice, is not available for any reason, you’ll get replacement right way. Arranging replacement is much more of a challenge for an individual wedding planner.
      • Wedding companies have established business procedures, ensuring security and quality in every step of the wedding planning process. Experienced wedding organizations in Bali have well-trained wedding specialists who follow the company’s quality guidelines. Individual wedding planners on the other side, mostly use different freelancers for their events.
      • Companies have a higher level of responsibility. In case anything unforeseen happens, chances are higher that the issue will be resolved quickly.

There is a misunderstanding that needs to be resolved. Some brides believe that one person can provide them with more personalized attention and care while arranging their wedding day compared to a company. This is not true at all. In reality, a company will always connect you to one particular person - a wedding expert who will be with your from the very beginning until after your dream wedding has taken place.

Do you really need a wedding planner to find vendors and make arrangements or can you do it yourself?
In most cases, it is definitely a much better idea to use a wedding planner and here is why:

      • Planning a wedding from overseas is a very challenging and time-consuming thing. Research has proved that planning a wedding can take up to 100 hours or more. That’s a lot!

      • Experienced wedding organizers know everything there is to know about planning a wedding in Bali. There know about hidden aspects and difficulties that may arise. They know the culture and they have the contacts. Besides all that, can you imagine how much money you would spend only on SWIFT transfer fees to all of the vendors you are working with separately? (Venue, photo, video, make-up, decor, catering, furniture, transport, and the list continues).

Some brides think that hiring a wedding planner will cost her extra money. This is not necessarily true. First of all, wedding organizers can’t simply raise the prices for venues or vendors. Why? Because today, with a power of the Internet, it only takes a couple of minutes to check on the actual prices of things, simply by visiting the website or sending an email. Secondly, wedding organizers have established partnerships with most vendors which means they (and you!) get better rates for their services (or at least the same).

Yes, of course, the wedding planners will charge a small fee for their services but its 100% worth it considering how much time and money they are saving you in reality.

Now, there are always exceptions to the rule. So, when is it better to book a vendor directly yourself, without the help of a wedding planner? An example: you have found a really good live music band, but your assigned wedding planner offers a higher rate for their performance. Of course, in this case, it is better to book this band yourself directly or even better; have your wedding planner book them on behalf of you, based on the rates you got. Another example: you found a great value, ready-to-go package on a hotel or wedding chapel and you want to book it without any customization - better go ahead and book it without the help of a wedding planner.

Do note that even though it is possible to plan your wedding on your own, it is much safer and convenient to have an expert by your side to provide you with advice on wedding planning in Bali. In the end, having a knowledgeable, reliable wedding planner can save you a lot of time, headaches and money.