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Bali wedding packages

If you are planning to have a simple wedding ceremony in Bali with less than 20 guests, you have come to the right page of our website. Below you can view a list of wedding packages with the final prices for up to 20 pax. So you can see your total wedding cost now, and won't be asked to pay more. Each package includes all of the basic quality items that you may require for your intimate Bali wedding: venue, decorations, photo, make-up, transfer and much more. You can also add any extras by scrolling down a package page and just clicking on the components that you are interested in. Would you rather have a more tailor made wedding in Bali rather than a package solution? Just send us your request and receive a detailed answer on the same day. All consultations are unlimited and free.

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Wedding packages


There are many incredible wedding destinations on this planet, but very few can claim the true beauty and majesty of Bali. Ideal for couples who want romance, a touch of class, and somewhere a little special, Bali has been, and continues to be a go to choice for couples looking to tie the knot and honeymooners alike. Bali wedding packages are usually hotel based and focus on providing a high level of luxury while at the same time retaining the charm and distinctive beauty of the Balinese landscape. Beaches often play a key role in wedding packages in Bali, and many couples choose to hold their ceremony in front of the crystal clear ocean, usually at sunset for an extra romantic effect. There are many other options when choosing a wedding in Bali package including jungle weddings, underwater weddings, traditional Balinese weddings, and even weddings held on the back of an elephant! Bali wedding package prices are based on what you, the customer want, and can be as varied as the individual requesting the wedding; the general rule is the more extravagant your wedding, the more it will ultimately cost. Here at the Seven Agency we go the extra mile to ensure that your wedding is not only exactly what you want, but is also affordable, and extra special, click the link below for more information and to contact us today.