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If you are planning to have a simple wedding ceremony in Bali with less than 20 guests, you have come to the right page of our website. Below you can view a list of wedding packages with the final prices for up to 20 pax. So you can see your total wedding cost now, and won't be asked to pay more. Each package includes all of the basic quality items that you may require for your intimate Bali wedding: venue, decorations, photo, make-up, transfer and much more. You can also add any extras by scrolling down a package page and just clicking on the components that you are interested in. Would you rather have a more tailor made wedding in Bali rather than a package solution? Just send us your request and receive a detailed answer on the same day. All consultations are unlimited and free.

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Wedding packages in Bali: tons of agencies

Wondering if you should go for a ready-made Bali wedding package or customize your own wedding day with the help of a wedding planner? Surely, a package is convenient, easy and hassle-free. Choices have been made for you already, lifting weight off of your shoulders. On the other hand, it gives less room to integrate your own ideas, making your wedding day truly unique, fitting the image in your mind. Whatever you decide, a wedding in Bali will always be special with gorgeous views as the backdrop to take the most amazing wedding photos. Depending on how much time your have on your hands, your wedding budget and how many ideas you already have regarding how your wedding day should be, start brainstorming and designing your own island wedding day or have a look at the wedding packages in Bali.

The wedding business is quite booming in Bali so the options of wedding planners and wedding agencies are endless. Some offer only ready-made Bali wedding packages, other don’t offer any packages on their website at all and there are those agencies who offer both: signature wedding packages and tailor-made weddings. It is wise to take your time to find the right wedding planner. You really need to make sure that the wedding agency you collaborate with is trustable and experienced, preferable based in Bali to guarantee quality and a wide range of connections. It would be good if they do both customized and pre-made weddings and they need to have a big portfolio and lots of great reviews by former customers. On top of that, and it important to check on hidden fees like the common 10 to 20% tax and service fees added to your bill in the end and you have to make sure your wedding planner/company has legal work permits. You don’t want your big day to be destroyed by a police raid on the look-out for illegal workers - it wouldn’t be the first time.

If you do some research you can discover that The Seven Agency makes a top choice when it comes down to experience, personal attention, connections and prices of wedding packages. They are based in Bali and their reviews say it all. Another great thing about this company is that they are super flexible. They really care about what you want as a couple and they want your wedding day to be unique and more special than you could’ve hoped for. So even if you don’t have the time or money to customize your wedding from scratch, you are free to adjust and modify the wedding packages wherever you feel like it’s needed. In fact, the wedding experts at The Seven Agency encourage it. ‘No two weddings should be the same’ is this company’s motto’ and your personal touch is considered of most importance.

Whether you should go for a pre-made signature wedding package or customize your own wedding day really depends on your wishes, needs and budget. It also depends on the amount of guests coming to your wedding in Bali. If it is less than 20 guests, a wedding package works perfectly well but if is going to be a huge wedding with lots of guests, it might be wiser to customize your own. Have a look at some examples of signature weddings here and compare it with the individually designed wedding events in Bali here.

The costs of a Bali Wedding Package

The costs of Bali wedding packages are as diverse as the island itself is. Frankly, it is all up to you: you can make it as expensive as you like, adding additional features, getting the best of the best photographers and a widely-known celebrated wedding location such as a famous 5-star beach resort in Nusa Dua or a valley-edge luxury villa in Ubud. But no worries, also with a smaller budget, your wedding in Bali will be magnificent. You can have the same views and the same magical ambience when choosing a wedding location that is less famous but no less beautiful. The right company will know where to find these places - the most stunning wedding venues suited to your budget.

The wedding packages of The Seven Agency include all basic ingredients for a perfect wedding in Bali. No matter which Bali wedding package you choose, you will get a magnificent wedding venue with a ceremony master, a wedding altar, flowers bouquet and special wedding decorations. Transport is arranged and the packages also include a professional wedding photographer and makeup artist. From this complete setup, you can add extra’s, modify, or delete - whatever you want. Your personal travel consultant will advise, help and inspire. All the packages are offered at cheap prices already including tax and services so you won’t need to worry about hidden costs. Some packages even include accommodation for a romantic wedding night after your big day. Additional guests won’t costs you a penny more, unless they requires extra seats or transport.

The Seven Agency also has a travel department, The Seven Holiday, making it most easy to plan an unforgettable honeymoon in Bali right after your wedding day. The Seven Holiday also offers great honeymoon packages with amazing stays at luxurious places, guided tours, unique island experiences, picnics at special places and romantic dinners by the seaside. Contact these dedicated wedding and honeymoon experts now to ask all of your questions about their Bali wedding packages, their customized weddings and their honeymoon trips. All consultations are unlimited and free, so there is no need to hesitate. Afterwards, you can make the best decision.