Mikhail & Anna

The love story of us started rather simple and prosaic. I was walking around the city with my friend and suddenly two men came into our sight. I looked up to one of them... without any meaning and absolutely incidentally but he took my hand and said: "I have never seen such a very beautiful eyes"! And he didn't let me take my hand until I gave him my phone number. That is how our relationship began. That happened 11 years ago and then now we lived together for 10 years like a family.


The most interesting thing in our relationship is that we like to travel. This is really important for us, though we have been in small number of countries but we try to fond the most interesting places to visit. We started from our native country and visited some of the biggest and attractive cities like Kazan, Nijni Novgorod, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Sochi and Moscow of course.

     Then we decided to go ahead, but our first visit overseas was not so far - in mount Abkhazia. Later on it was more interesting places that we visited and farther from the home. We visited Cyprus island of Aphrodite, mysterious India, Morocco, small but very lovely Livan.

I am not going to stop my story, because actually it is just the beginning...

As long as we were traveling our parents always talk about marriage. How if children comes in your family and you are not married?! We knew exactly that  thetraditional wedding is not our choice. Drunk crowd of people, boring music and pale colours of local restaurant. We was thinking about simple legal signature in our country and then go out somewhere far away in our honeymoon. At first we were considering Dominicana as our honeymoon destination. These days honeymoons in tropical countries were not so popular, especially Dominicana it seemed unaccessible. While we were dreaming and safe some money to make our dreams come true, this place became so popular more than we expected and we lost interest to this place. But anyway our dream about unusual wedding was still alive. In that times we noticed that everyone was talking about wedding ceremony in different resorts. What if we come to Greece to have our wedding ceremony? And then we started to safe some money again, because those money we had already spent! :) But the situation was the same like the last time. Every couple went to Greece to have their wedding ceremony! Of course, this is such a great idea and besides you will get unforgettable wedding photos after. But we started to think about ceremony and... wedding legal arrangement outside the native country where we live. That will be really not what we wanted at all at all. Not many couples considering to have legal wedding somewhere far away from home, because it is expensive and requires a lot of actions with documents. The only thing that we need to think - where do we need to go to make this easier. We were exploring some websites and we found that if we choose Dominicana, we will have to wait the documents to be ready for half a year. If we come to Cuba for the legal wedding, we will need to give them the documents on spanish, for European trip we will need to make Schengen visa and many different additional documents. America...?

After our trip to India we were interested to Asia, but we knew exactly that we will start to explore Asia anyway - the first island will be Bali. It seems a very challenging idea, we like the thought of visiting Bali in our mind, unfortunately all agencies which we were talking about Bali wedding didn't offer any legal arrangement ceremonies. Few weeks later, after visiting a lot of different web-pages of wedding planners, we found BaliWedding. We noticed attractive sentence: "We still can't understand why most of internet pages telling wrong information about impossibility of organizing legal wedding on Bali". We decided to read the most of articles on this web-page and they were really helpful. The prices seemed not too expensive and they have so many interesting wedding packages, besides we had to prepare minimum number of documents. The wedding managers answered promptly to our inquiry, explained everything and answered every single questions we had. The most important thing is everything was well organized and we were satisfied with their  work.That is how our dream turned into reality with many thanks to The Seven Agency.