The best wedding music in Bali

Music plays an important role in most wedding ceremonies. Whether it’s an accompaniment to the bridal walk, soft romantic sounds during the vows or full on wedding party entertainment; couples are likely to spend a good chunk of wedding planning time discussing music.

Why is it important to choose the right type of wedding music?

Music can be magic, it sets the scene, creates the right type of ambience and can have a real influence on emotions, creating romantic feelings, relaxing vibes or an all out desire to have fun and party. If you want to set the right tone for your wedding and solidify a theme, choosing the right type of wedding music is very important.

How to book the right type of wedding music in Bali

When it comes to deciding on music for your wedding in Bali, getting it spot on for your chosen venue is very important. You don’t want to be trying to squeeze a 10-piece band onto a tiny stage by the pool, or placing a solo singer at the far end of a huge villa complex. The music should fit with how you want the wedding ceremony and post wedding celebrations to flow. The great thing about having your wedding in Bali is that the choice of music and music performances are huge. As long as you book through a reputable provider, the quality should be good too.

Bali Wedding Music

Bali wedding music entertainment options provided by The Seven Agency

The Seven Agency has years of experience organizing weddings in Bali and an army of experts who have scoured all the hidden corners of the island to carefully select the best wedding music available in Bali. And whenever a new musical talent pops up, the team is right there to snap them up and add them to the list of music options for couples. If you are looking for something lower key, then you can opt for a solo or duo guitar with singers. Or, if your theme and venue would suit more Jazz style music, The Seven Agency has access to some amazing saxophone players. A more romantic dreamy style wedding may suit the string musicians such as violin and cello. But if you want your guests to be jigging away as soon as wedding speeches are done, The Seven Agency has a short-list of some of the best DJ’s in town. So whatever your Bali music entertainment needs are, The Seven Agency can inspire you with ideas, provide sound advice and book the best of the best.

Consider more than just music

With Bali being so rich in culture, you may also wish to make the most of incorporating something unique to the island into your theme. This could be in the form of music with a traditional Balinese music group, a fire dance or a traditional performance.

How to find out more

You can find the details of Bali wedding music entertainment available from The Seven Agency along with prices in the addons section of the website here. Take a look and contact the team for more details or to book and put the finishing touches to your exciting wedding in Bali.