Say ‘I Do’ in Oia, Santorini at sunset

Santorini as a wedding destination

When you think about romantic dream wedding destinations, Santorini is unrivalled.  The Greek island is awash with majestic cliff-tops, whitewashed walls, Roman ruins and vast views across the ocean.  The sun shines down gloriously, the cool Agean sea breeze blows and the sunsets are breathtaking. It is often described as the most romantic place on earth. Let your dreams of a magical wedding take place over the majestic and dramatic scenery from a vantage point high up on the cliffs of Santorini.    

Sunsets in Oia

And if Santorini Greece is the ultimate dream wedding location, the clear standout has to be the village of Oia. Oia is a historic Greek settlement, and it sits perched on top of a hill; it's little laneways and paths meander around the face of the cliff. There is a plethora of accommodation, but the clifftop villas and restaurants with their crisp, white Mediterranean look overlooking the sea are the ones you are after.  These provide you with a clear uninterrupted view of the blues of the sea below, and the cliffs in the distance, away from the crowds that flock here to experience the setting sun every evening.

There are a number of these venues which feature the famous Greek archways on the rooftops or balconies. From these, you can see the Greek fishing boats motoring into their spots in preparation for a night of fishing squid and snapper, to be sold at the markets first thing in the morning, and sailing boats of every description sitting on the water, waiting for the spectacle to begin.  As the sun dips down towards the horizon, the expanse of sky is awash with color after color of orange, pink, red hues, reflecting onto the calm waters of the caldera below, so that it is hard to distinguish where the sky ends and the sea begins.  With this as a background, you and your love are silhouetted spectacularly, with nothing standing between you and this view.   This experience is utterly unique, and Oia is without a doubt the best vantage spot in Greece to witness this amazing sunset.

Sunset in Oia, Greece

7 Agency Wedding Planners

With this in mind, 7 Agency is able to tailor make your day so that it is perfect.  They can help you find the best venue for your wedding to take full advantage of the famous Greek sunset, as viewed from Oia.  As well as that, 7 Agency can take care of all the planning, from ceremony, celebrant, flowers, makeup and hair, venue décor, reception and food and beverages. With their expertise, the team at 7 Agency will ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and surpasses all that you hoped it could be, and you can focus on spending the day with your loved ones, saying ‘I do’ and celebrating the beginning of your married life together, as the spectacular Greek sunset sets behind you. Make your dream come true in Oia, Santorini: exchange vows in surroundings unparalleled in awe-inspiring beauty and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.