Planning your perfect Santorini wedding

When people talk of sparking blue waters, whitewashed buildings, stunning pink and purple flowers, and beautiful weather….you think of Santorini! Greece is well-known for beautiful islands, and one of those is Santorini. Santorini has become the chosen holiday spot for romantic getaways as it offers the best in beaches, views, stunning wedding locations and postcard-perfect honeymoon hideaways.

The question is, how do you plan your perfect Santorini wedding? Organising your dream day can be daunting, especially if you are organising your wedding in a country you possibly haven’t been to before. So we have created a guide that can help you create the most beautiful and bespoke Santorini wedding.

A wedding in Santorini has all the elements for a perfect wedding in Greece, with beautiful cliff top views, beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and the most stunning backdrops for wedding photos that capture your day and the memories for a lifetime. To ensure your day runs smoothly, a checklist is a great place to start.

Consider your budget first.

Working within your budget means you get the very of having your wedding in Greece, without overspending or spending money on the wrong things. For example, with stunning backdrops like those that Santorini can offer, your decorations can be simple but elegant floral arrangements. However, to capture the beauty of the day, you may wish to spend a little more on the right photographer who understands exactly the image you want to capture. When you think about your budget, you need to factor in accommodation, the ceremony location and the reception. For this it’s important to consider the seasons - -weather and popular holiday times will also affect your budget and availability.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan

Once you have determined the time of year for your wedding, find your dream location for the ceremony and the reception. Santorini is a popular location so you will need to start planning ahead of time, give yourself at least 12 -18 months to make sure you secure your ideal location for your dream Santorini wedding.

Be clear about accommodation costs

Then it’s important to look at accommodation options in that area for you and your wedding party, and if you are inviting guests, think about the choices in accommodation for them and be very clear about who is paying for flights and accommodation for guests.

Santorini wedding style

Wedding style is so personal, you’ve also decided Greece is the ideal location for your wedding so now you need to choose your Santorini wedding style. It could be set amongst stunning and colourful flowers, or overlooking the ocean on the cliff top, or perhaps a more beachy style would suit your wedding in Santorini. There are so many possibilities, and once you have determined your style, this needs to be included in your budget and if the location can assist with this style.

Santorini Greece Wedding

Get the paperwork right

Documentation is another important consideration and ensuring all the right paperwork is done for your marriage. Your Santorini wedding is the start of your married life so getting the paperwork correct is integral to moving forward in your life together.

Use a wedding planner

Perhaps you have visited Santorini before, or perhaps not. But even the most experienced visitor can Santorini can find the organisation of a wedding in Greece complex. You can get help by arranging a Santorini wedding planner who can do everything from simply creating your budget and providing tips, right through to actually planning your whole day.

Our wedding planners at 7 Agency have years of experience organsing and managing weddings in Santorini. We work with local companies there to ensure you get the very best service and quality for your budget….and we know all the secret spots for that dream wedding in Greece.

Our team start by talking to you about how you imagine your dream day, what you love about Santorini and we can demonstrate our expertise in Santorini weddings by showing you locations we love and the typical budget you can work to. We can arrange everything from the paperwork, to the ceremony, the catering, the decorations, the photographer, hair and makeup, wedding gifts and so much more!

In fact we can arrange every step of your wedding in Santorini so all you need to do is pack your suitcase, pick out your outfit and get the rings. Weddings in Greece can be seamless and run smoothly if you plan well and at 7 Agency our dedicated weddings planner are here to help you do just that.

Wedding in Santorini Greece

Head to our website for information on weddings is stunning Santorini then contact our online consultants who are there 24/7 to answer your questions. They will select the best wedding planner for you and introduce you to the person who will work with you to ensure your dream wedding in Santorini is a day you will cherish forever.

We look forward to working with you and we feel honoured that our clients choose us to create the most beautiful weddings and dedications of love.