How To Have A Wedding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an exotic land of beaches, temples, mountains, and stunning colours wherever you go. It is fast becoming a popular choice as a destination because the possibilities for your special day are endless, and when weddings can be so expensive, Sri Lanka offers alternatives that are cost effective. However make no mistake, despite the wedding options in Sri Lanka offering more for your budget, you will not go without anything on you wedding day, the day you choose to celebrate for love for another and your new life together.

Imagine your dream wedding set at an ancient temple, or high in the mountains amongst rice terraces and trees, or on a stunning beach listening to the waves gently rolling in. This idyllic day is possible and of course we are here to help. In this article we will answer frequently asked questions about weddings in Sri Lanka and also help you determine the type of wedding and the style you wish to have for your perfect day.

The Best Season for a Wedding in Sri Lanka

The weather across Sri Lanka is variable but to ensure the best season for your wedding in Sri Lanka, we suggest you plan for the location as the weather does vary. While tropical rains and storms can be romantic when you stay inside your luxurious villa or hotel, they are obviously not ideal for your dream wedding or for many photographs capturing the moment. From the months of December to March, you should have lovely weather, cooler in the mornings and evenings, with sunshine during the day in the west and south coasts and the hills. The best time to travel to the east coast is during April to September. Although the lower season sees hotel, resort and villa prices drop, this is because the weather is unpredictable so you are better to look at the shoulder seasons of the weather and the best season to travel. You may spend a little extra in accommodation but you could save a fortune if your wedding day is rained out during the bad weather season.

When is the ideal time to start organising a wedding in Sri Lanka

To ensure you get the best rates and can book all your preferred wedding ceremony, reception and accommodation choices, we recommend you start planning a year before the big day. Together, we can arrange a wedding in a shorter timeframe however with many places being booked a year in advance, we may need to have a alternatives should your desired locations already be booked up.

Wedding in Sri Lanka

A Short Step-by-Step Guide

Now you have decided Sri Lanka is your dream wedding spot, but how do you organise it? We’ve included a short step-by-step guide for all the things you need to consider and of course we are here to help you plan, arrange and book all the details for your dream wedding in Sri Lanka.

The first thing you will need to do is choose a date, and take into consideration our suggestions with the best season and with planning ahead of time. Once you have agreed upon a date that fits your preferred travelling time, that of any guests, and gives you enough time to arrange the day and work with a travel and wedding planner, you will need to:

  • Determine an approximate budget

  • Decide whether your wedding will have guests and if so, how many

  • Get in touch with us. We can help calculate the cost of your wedding plans, determine whether the desired locations are available and explain our services. This conversation is free and can help you work through any issues. If you decide to engage our services to plan any and all aspects of your wedding in Sri Lanka, there will be costs that our highly experienced wedding and travel coordinators can discuss with you.

Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

Once our coordinator has provided you with an estimation of your costs and any information on the availability of your chosen locations based upon date and season, you will need to consider:

  • If the coordinator has given you several location choices, decide on one

  • Book the desired location as soon as possible to avoid it being booked by another party. You will need to pay a deposit for this however this guarantees the location is yours and cannot be booked by anyone else on those dates.

  • If you are having an official ceremony, you will need to get all the necessary legal documentation. It is a fairly straight forward process, but if in doubt or you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Once your guests have confirmed their attendance, it would be worthwhile arranging tickets and accommodation sooner rather than later. Exotic wedding locations are often away from the bustling towns so accommodation options and transport may be limited. You need to ensure all your guests have travel and accommodation options sorted out so no one is left unprepared on the day.

  • Coordinate and agree upon the main points of your contract with the Agency. While you can add or change components of your wedding right up to 2 months prior to the special day, we highly recommend locking in all details 6 months before your wedding. This helps our wedding planners secure all the very best of what you want for your wedding at a great price and we have longer to work with our team in Sri Lanka and the various suppliers for your wedding.

  • Entrust the Agency to take care of your every wish for your beautiful Sri Lankan wedding and enjoy the time leading up to the wedding – choose your outfit, collect any special items you want for the day (either for your outfit or for decoration), visit the day spa or beautician and start counting down the days to your beautiful day in the most stunning location!

  • Then it’s time to pack your bags (don’t forget your passport) and relax! Everything has been organised for you so all you need to do is enjoy your day and celebrate your new life together as a married couple!

Planning Wedding in Sri Lanka

Booking the Date

The first part to organising your wedding in Sri Lanka is to determine the date, as this may have implications on possible venues and budget. The Agency will then book the date and time of the ceremony plus establish the ideal location for the wedding reception and book the spot. The location, the format of the wedding and in the fact the entire format of your wedding celebration depends entirely on your budget. That’s why we say it’s best to determine your budget first, discus the budget up front with the Agency wedding planner so that we have time to source the best combination of quality, luxury and price for you.

How Much Does a Wedding in Sri Lanka cost?

Wedding expenses can easily get out of control if you don’t have experienced assistance working with you to coordinate and manage the event. And weddings in Sri Lanka needn’t be expensive, it’s all about clever planning and working together to ensure we keep within your budget while having the most beautiful and bespoke day.

We have already created initial wedding packages for our clients, that cover all the essentials of what you need for your wedding. Each of these wedding packages for Sri Lanka can be changed and designed so while you have all the necessary essentials, you’ve also tailor made your package to include other details that are special and important to you and your loved one. In using one of our packages, and then adding extra components, you are also working within your budget. Our packages have been developed over time by our team of experts to ensure the best quality at the best price.

If you’ve looked at the ready-to-go packages and they don’t quite suit you, we can create a completely individual package that is totally custom made – we just need the details to calculate the cost and start planning all the stages of the wedding. Contact us with all the information necessary and we will get back to you within 24 hours with options and pricing.

Sri Lankan Wedding

For many of our clients, price is the most critical aspect of their wedding, and while it’s not a romantic conversation to have about your wedding, it is vital to ensure you are on track with your budget and still having the wedding you have dreamed about. So what are the factors that can affect the cost of your wedding in exotic Sri Lanka?

·       You can choose to invite as many guests as you like, or just celebrate in the company of a few close friends. Regardless of how many people you invite, you need to establish upfront who will pay for visas, flights and accommodation as obviously this can be the most expensive part of the wedding.

·       The location of the wedding reception is also a determining factor in budget. The more high end or luxurious, the more the cost. A banquet for all you family and friends will have a much higher budget than a simple but elegant celebration with a few friends and family.

·       Everyone has cameras on their phones these days and while they are great for on-the-spot shots, you should have a professional photographer to capture the precious moment. Our team can make suggestions on good wedding photographers and you must check out their portfolios. This is one area we suggest having a decent budget as good quality photographs do cost more but are memories that last a lifetime.

·       All the additional special things that make your day a truly amazing day, come at a cost. So make sure to let our team know all your requests including: cars; music, entertainment; unique or special decorations you want; stylist requirements; horse drawn buggies through to helicopters; make sure we know all the finer details so we can assist in arranging them and we can accurately quote for your day and keep within your budget.

·       Theme and décor – think about what colours you love, styles that suit you, and the type of flowers and floral decorations you want. We can achieve lots of different designs and will work with our florists to ensure the colours and flowers match your theme perfectly.

·       You’ll also need to consider if you are having a civil ceremony or a legal ceremony. Legal ceremonies do require the correct documentation so please discuss this with your planner.

Our planners will create a checklist with every item that needs to be considered for your dream wedding in Sri Lanka. It doesn’t need to be a daunting project, even though organising holidays in foreign countries, let alone weddings, can be challenging. With our qualified team helping you every step of the way, you’ll know what stage the planning is at and you can rest assured, your wedding in Sri Lanka will be what dreams are made of.

Sri Lanka Wedding

Take your time now to have a look through our Sri Lankan wedding packages, consider your budget, the needs of your guests, accommodation, the location for the ceremony and then the celebration, and then we want to imagine how your wedding looks – from flowers to music to the cake to hair and makeup, we are here to assist with everything. We understand how special your wedding is and we will work with our contacts in Sri Lanka to ensure we get the very best for you, at the very best budget.

Your wedding is the most important day of your love life together, our experienced team feels honoured to be invited to be a part of this day and will ensure that your every wish is catered to. Please get in touch with our online consultants who will start the Sri Lankan wedding planning process and introduce you to your own personal wedding planner. Or you can fill in our ‘Contact Form’ and our specialists will reply – we can’t wait to hear from you and help you plan the most fabulous and romantic wedding in Sri Lanka!