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A Bali beach wedding is probably what every girl and woman dreams of at some point in their lives. No matter how old we are, romance always lives in our hearts, and while watching a movie where two loving people say “I do” on a sun-kissed ocean beach, we can’t help but start dreaming of the same fairy tale scenes to enrich our own lives with. But to make these dreams come true can be a no easy task! A beach wedding in Bali really can be even more beautiful than those romantic movies depict, especially when you let our team of professionals prepare everything for your personal order. From the high swaying palm trees that fringe a perfect white sandy beach, the warm sun, and of course, the melodic and calming sounds of the ocean. Your beach wedding dream is just the beginning. From there, every detail is brought to perfection from exotic fruits and flowers to tropical cocktails and fresh young coconuts to the most incredible and unique things you can imagine to make your big day authentic and utmost special. Start designing the wedding of your dreams with the personal guidance of our wedding planners.

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Included in price

Wedding venue:
  • Geger beach
Before event:
  • Personalised consulting by your wedding planner
  • Pre-wedding meeting-presentation
During event: 
  • Premium photographer with assistant (1.5 hrs)
  • Professional make up artist
  • Team of highly experienced organizers
  • Return transfer
  • English speaking celebrant
  • Customised background music
  • Commemorative certificate
Wedding decorations: 
  • Iron structure pergola decorated with blush, sage and white flowers with dried leaves and pampas grass.
  • White wooden altar table decorated with matching flower arrangement and candles in golden stick holder
  • Bride bouquet of quicksand roses, polar star roses, dried eryngium, lunaria, anthurium and pampas grass tied with blush ribbon.
  • Matching boutonniere for groom
  • White petal path along the aisle
  • Flower showers in white lace paper cone & pillow rings
  • Decorated glasses with matching flowers
  • Welcome Board with delicate matching flowers
  • Props for photosession
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Choose the Wedding venue

Wedding venue Luxe Beach
+600 usd
Luxe Beach
If you  decide to choose Beach wedding (luxe), so this venue is  for you, because you will…
Wedding venue WakaGangga
+990 usd
Would you like to get to the real fairy tale? So Waka Gangga is the best choice for you! It is…
Wedding venue Geger
Would you like to make your ceremony on one of the most popular beaches of the whole world? So choose…

Choose the Decorations & style

Decorations & style Sweet & Luscious
Sweet & Luscious
Embracing the sense of flowing liberty in its decoration choices that can be associated with eclectic…
Decorations & style Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect
Wooden arch decorated with delicate flower arrangements and chiffon fabrics to create magical vintage…
Decorations & style To Infinity & Beyond
To Infinity & Beyond
Dreamy gold iron moon shaped arch decorated with premium pastel color flowers and eucalyptus is…
Decorations & style Golden Breeze
Golden Breeze
Evoking the timeless aesthetic of classy wedding, blush pink and nude color hues and gilded greenery…

Choose the Makeup

Makeup In-house makeup artist
In-house makeup artist
Your wedding makeup will be created by one of our in-house makeup artists who are the graduates of the…
Makeup Momiji makeup team
+500 usd
Momiji makeup team
Melia Momiji is the owner of Momiji Make Up Artist Bali. She is one of professional Makeup Artist in…

Choose the Photography

Photography In-house photographer
In-house photographer
“In-house photographer” doesn’t mean bad, good or anything else. It is a professional…
Photography Jo Yú
+500 usd
Jo Yú
Authentic wedding photography in film-style.Your wedding in Bali will be a once-in-a-lifetime event.…
Photography The Seven Photography
+900 usd
The Seven Photography
If you are searching for the cheap photography service – you may be better off closing this window.…
Photography Your own photographer
-75 usd
Your own photographer
Photo session is one of the most important parts of the wedding  day because it helps to conserve…

Choose the Videography

Videography Three
+450 usd
Photo album will be a good memory of  the best day for the rest of your life, but to receive  an opportunity…
Videography Five
+650 usd
Five - The Seven prewedding & engagement package. Inclusions: Up to 5 hours 1 videographer…
Videography Eight
+1000 usd
Eight - The Seven prewedding & engagement package.  Included:  Up to 8 hours of videosession…

Choose the Transfer for couple

Transfer for couple Standard transfer
Standard transfer
You have to think in advance about the way of transportation for you and your guests in Bali. Transfer…
Transfer for couple Mercedes Benz 280s
+300 usd
Mercedes Benz 280s
We are pretty sure that, you want to travel in style and luxury on your special day and our Classic…
Transfer for couple Volkswagen safari retro
+185 usd
Volkswagen safari retro
Vintage retro cabriolet could make any wedding ceremony more sophisticated. We recommend you to order…
Transfer for couple Volkswagen Combi Minivan
+230 usd
Volkswagen Combi Minivan
Attention  for the retro lovers! This transfer option is similar to the standard one: you can also take…
Transfer for couple Mercedes C200
+350 usd
Mercedes C200
There is no need to explain how chic is to arrive  to the wedding venue in a luxury Mercedes? Absolutely…
Transfer for couple Mercedes S or BMW 7-series
+450 usd
Mercedes S or BMW 7-series
The dream of every bride is not just exclusive ceremony, beautiful restaurant with an exquisite menu and…
Transfer for couple Police escort
+400 usd
Police escort
Sure that no one expected such option but with us everything is possible! Police cortege is at…

Choose the Celebrant

Celebrant Commitment ceremony celebrant
Commitment ceremony celebrant
When  the decoration is chosen it is the right time to think of the MC. Balinese master of…
Celebrant Religious ceremony celebrant
+300 usd
Religious ceremony celebrant
Inclusions: Language: English or Indonesian Style: according to chosen religion Available for: Muslim,…
Celebrant Balinese blessing ceremony
+400 usd
Balinese blessing ceremony
This kind of the ceremony is meaningful very exotic. Balinese priest and his assistants will invite…
Celebrant Legal wedding arrangement
+650 usd
Legal wedding arrangement
In order to have a formal wedding in Bali, you must respect two following conditions: No 1. A bride…

Choose the Entertainment for ceremony

Entertainment for ceremony Saxophonist duo
+300 usd
Saxophonist duo
Saxophone is a great romantic instrument, the sound of guitar always makes  our hearts to beat…
Entertainment for ceremony Violin & Cello
+375 usd
Violin & Cello
Two great and very deep instruments sounding together. These duo will be suitable for the very sophisticated…
Entertainment for ceremony Trio
+350 usd
Sounds of good music enter our soul and stay there forever. Live music is a perfect choice for romantic weddings…
Entertainment for ceremony Dove release
+150 usd
Dove release
Dove is a beautiful bird, the international symbol of peace. Releasing of wedding  doves  is…
Entertainment for ceremony Flower girls for ceremony
+150 usd
Flower girls for ceremony
We are trying  everything to make your wedding in Bali very special. Balinese people believe that presence…
Entertainment for ceremony Legong mini dance
+300 usd
Legong mini dance
Would you like to bring more fun to your wedding adding an exotic show program to the  ceremony? Then…
Entertainment for ceremony Traditional rindik
+150 usd
Traditional rindik
There is no need  to explain you how music influences our perception of things. We have a…

Choose the Dinner program

Dinner program Cliff dinner
+190 usd
Cliff dinner
Romantic dinner is the same important part of the wedding as the wedding ceremony itself. After…
Dinner program The Edge
+210 usd
Best choice!
The Edge
We would highly recommend you to choose this restaurant as, to our opinion, The Edge restaurant is the…
Dinner program Dinner on the beach
+350 usd
Dinner on the beach
During the warmth of the day, this place is the to sit back and enjoy the cooling ocean breeze. And…
Dinner program Cave Dinner
+550 usd
Cave Dinner
And the first place in a category “the most exotic dinner” goes to Cave dinner! This…

Choose the Entertainment for reception

Entertainment for reception MC
+400 usd
Inclusions: Languages: English and Indonesian Up to 4 hours
Entertainment for reception Magician
+250 usd
One of great ideas to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. A close up or table magician is a…
Entertainment for reception Full band
+950 usd
Full band
Inclusions: 1 guitar vocal + 1 female singer + 1 bass + 1 drum + 1 keyboard 2 times x 1 hour
Entertainment for reception DJ perfomance
+500 usd
DJ perfomance
Inclusions: By famous Bali based DJ Up to 3 hours Included: professional DJ equipment 
Entertainment for reception Mini firework
+500 usd
Mini firework
What can be better, than the rumblings of multicolored glowing patterns across the night sky in your…
Entertainment for reception Fire dance
+390 usd
Fire dance
True professional acrobats and fire tamers will amaze you and your guests with incredible stunts. On…
Entertainment for reception Kecak tarditional perfomance
+700 usd
Kecak tarditional perfomance
One more great performance for your choice. The Kecak is an unusual Balinese dance for a couple…

Choose the Additional components

Additional components Wedding romantic night
+250 usd
Wedding romantic night
It is so exciting to spend the first wedding night in a really great romantic place. As long as you…
Additional components Pampering SPA program
+150 usd
Pampering SPA program
Wedding preparations is a hard and nervous process , because everyone wants to make this special day really…
Additional components Love story photosession
+700 usd
Love story photosession
Please, visit Pre-wedding and Love-story photosessions page to get complete information about this additional…
Additional components Photo-journey around Bali
+1270 usd
Photo-journey around Bali
Please, visit Pre-wedding and Love-story photosessions page to get complete information…
Additional components Photo-video journey around Bali
+1700 usd
Photo-video journey around Bali
Please, visit Pre-wedding and Love-story photosessions page to get complete information…
Additional components Wedding dress
+300 usd
Wedding dress
The thing that makes a bride to feel a real princess at the wedding is her wedding dress and it’s…
Additional components Traditional balinese costume
+190 usd
Traditional balinese costume
As you decided to make your wedding in such exotic place as Bali it will be really nice to choose a traditional…
Additional components Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
Get more info.
Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
And of course the famous pre-married traditions of all the times - Bachelor & Bachelorette Party! You…


Finding the perfect spot for your beach wedding in Bali

Plenty of beaches around on this gorgeous little Island in the Indonesian archipelago but which ones are the most unique, special and secluded? Which one makes the perfect backdrop for your Bali Beach Wedding to take place? We already did the research for you and here are our top 3 of choices for amazingly romantic and exotic beach weddings:

Sawangan Beach

This is an idyllic desolate beach, creating the perfect setting for an intimate, utterly romantic beach wedding in Bali. There is nothing else around but the white golden sands of this secluded coastline bordering the deep blue sea, encompassed by high limestone cliffs giving a feel of exclusivity and privacy on top of the tropical atmospheres. Your ceremony will be held right here on the beach in the presence of the ones closest to you and your love will be sealed with the mighty ocean as your witness.

Luxe Beach

This pristine white sand beach is another out-of-this-world wedding location with an exclusive VIP feel. On the beach, there is a mystical cave and your wedding will be held next to it, on the sand and by the sea, with the wind in your hair. After an enchanting ceremony with the island’s sunset as the backdrop, the cave is illuminated beautifully by hundreds of candles, creating a special ambience that is just right for a wedding dinner shared with loved ones.

Waka Gangga Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with a fairytale-like setting for your dream wedding, is Waka Gangga Beach. This beach is truly exclusive as it belongs to the Waka Gangga luxury resort where the newlyweds will spend the night after the ceremony. The pristine black volcanic coastline is bordered by the blue sea on one side and lush green manicured lawns on the other, a feast of colours for the eyes like a beautiful painting. As the sun sets over the island, the ambience is truly magical! Personalized wedding decorations are set up right by the sea and the married couple can enjoy a romantic dinner in the presence of your intimate wedding party. Overnight stay for the newlyweds is already included in the rate as well as a pampering spa program and the candlelight wedding dinner.

The perfect Bali beach wedding package

Our beach wedding packages include photographers, makeup artists, return transfers, customized background music and wedding decorations. All the basic ingredients for an unforgettable beach wedding on the island. Wherever needed, adjustments can be made and you can also upgrade the package with extra inclusions such as videography, live music, entertainment performances and a whole lot more, customizing your beach wedding to fit your dream image. Afterall, you are only getting married once! Your personal touch, thoughts, ideas and wishes are of most importance to us. We want your beach wedding in Bali to be unique and everything you hoped for.

With a few simple steps and through personal contacts with our wedding planners, you can design your own beach wedding in Bali to fit dream imagine you have in mind and really making it happen right here in Bali - The Island of a Thousand Temples. Through the combination of our personal approach and the personal touch of the bride and groom, you very own and unique Bali beach wedding package is created. Once we know everything there is to know about how you want it to be, our wedding consultants will take care of all the details and make it happen. We proudly present our 2000+ portfolio and do have a look at the reviews of 100 happy brides that planned their beach wedding with us before you and see what they have to say. We can safely say ‘we know how to plan an incredible wedding, second to no other, customized to your wishes and offered at affordable prices, cheaper than other wedding agency’s on the island’. We are there to support you every step of the way to ensure that your Bali Beach Wedding will be everything you have dreamed of and more, better than in the movies. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and questions. We are happy to assist!