Tarren & Lee

As the saying goes things come along when you least expect them. Which was exactly the case when I met Lee. Love was the last thing on my mind and the last thing I was interested in but when I met Lee it snuck up and hit hard.


We met and fell in love all by the ocean in Coral Bay 9 years ago. Lee wooed me with his long blonde locks and mad hunting skills. And I can still remember that overcoming rush I felt every time I saw him. Little did I know then I had met the man I was suppose to grow old with. 

Over the past 9 years we have travelled, laughed, argued, swam hand in hand with the turtles and made two beautiful children together and I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to do it with. Although its been 9 years and those long blonde locks are gone my love for you soars on.

I am certain the next 9 years are going to be just as much fun and exhausting as the last and I cant wait to see them in as Mrs Woodhams and call Lee my Hubby.