Kiersten & James

Our paths first crossed in Fiji on the 7th April 2011, James had been living and working there for a few years and I had flown to Fiji for a work conference. We both ended up at a waterfront restaurant and one of James friends approached our group  to break the ice after James told him he wanted to  talk to me.

James was then pretty quick in appearing by my side and starting up a conversation. We shared few drinks and had a good chat for a while . James then asked me to come out to another venue with him, though rather than agreeing I set up a date for the following night instead.  We shared our first kiss on our date the following night and then again the next night. At the airport, about to return to New Zealand, James text me good bye.


On arriving back in New Zealand more texts followed, then phone calls, and Skype and hours getting to know one another long distance. James then flew back and forth to New Zealand over several months before deciding to move over permanently. We started to date regularly and James slowly started to get to know my children Fin and Anabel. We took our time to enjoy each other and I fell in love quickly and easily as he is so kind and caring and considerate. James kept his feelings closely guarded and took the time to measure his feelings and consider his future with myself and the children.  We then tested our relationship again through long distance when I moved home to Australia. In that time James sold up, packed up and moved over and in with us. We all started a new fruitful life together in Australia.


Love and respect keeps growing throughout our family and on Christmas Day 2014 James asked me to marry him. I said yes and a mere week later we discovered our attempts to conceive our first child together had been met with success. We celebrated alone together on a surprise kid free holiday from James to me in Fiji. 

 5 months later here we are on a relaxed family holiday in Bali to marry and start the rest of our lives together. Our commitment to and love for one another is respectful, light and easy and we will delight in supporting one another and our children for as long as we may live.