Helen & Harry

Hello here is our story. 

We first met on a boat party in Falmouth 7 years ago, it was a brief encounter but I remember Harry helping me off the boat with the most charming smile. A few weeks later we were out with friends and who introduced us to each other. I recognised Harry as the man who I'd met briefly on the boat. He also remembered me and I didn't know whether to be scared or flattered when he even remembered what I had been wearing that night. After a few dates I really started to fall heavily for Harry, the more I got to know him the more I wanted to know him. Our personalities complement each other so well- plus, of course he's a hottie!

Our relationship grew, we got a house together and set up our business together. Harry has strengths where I have weaknesses and vice versa. We support and encourage each other to become better stronger and wiser people. We have stuck together through the ups and downs of the last 7 years and we have built a life that we both truly love. Two years ago Harry and I had our first proper holiday together - five weeks in Thailand. Three weeks in to the holiday we found the most beautiful island. On Valentine’s day morning we were whisked off to an incredible bamboo villa which was right out by its self on a peninsular with the sunrise on one side and sunset on the other. As sun set approached Harry had laid out a treasure trail for me to follow with beautiful items of jewellery and gifts. The last gift was some small charms which were made to look like diamond rings held inside a seashell, I should have guessed what was coming but I didn't dare. Harry called to me and I turned to face him. He was on one knee with the most amazing emerald, diamond and gold engagement ring that I have ever seen. He had designed the ring and sourced the perfect colour and shape of stones himself. The ring was made just perfectly to suit me. I was blown away! We watched the most romantic sunset of my life with jumping fish, butterflies and dragonflies all around us in our beautiful bamboo palace by the sea. I will never forget that special day.

Two years on and we are back in Asia to be joined as husband and wife and I can truly say that I have found my soul mate.