Anna & Andreas

Andreas and I know each other since 2010 as he is my brother’s best friend. Our lovestory starts when we went to vacation all together in 2013 to Thailand. 

Andreas, my brother, my mom and me joined this holiday. It has been a great holiday and me and Andreas got to know each other very close and I started to like him. After two weeks I and my mom flew back and left Andreas and my brother behind in Thailand for another week of holiday. On the flight back I was dreaming about the time we have spend together and my mum asked me what I’m up to since I was so quiet all the way. After I told my mom that I can’t stop thinking about Andreas she relieved that she already realized back in Thailand that we two fall in love with each other. She has assured me that he will contact me as soon as we arrive back home and so it was.

After Andreas came back he wrote me every day until we finally decided to meet. We were unsure about this situation as he is my brother’s best friend. Finally my brother gave us his blessing and now we are getting married in the magical island of Bali.