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Love stories

We have so many couples that choose to get married by The Seven Agency. And absolutely all of them have their unique love stories. Dear newlyweds here on this page you can tell the world your fairy tale: starting from the first day when you met, continuing with some moments of your datings and ending with your overseas wedding ceremony. Tell us what is your real love story!


Ann & Timothy

It all started with a "hi" and a PBR. She thought I was short and funny and was getting ready for her next date. I fell in love instantly and knew she was the one.   Ann never made it to her date that night and we have spent nearly every day together since. We soon discovered that we were like…

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Helen & Harry

Hello here is our story.  We first met on a boat party in Falmouth 7 years ago, it was a brief encounter but I remember Harry helping me off the boat with the most charming smile. A few weeks later we were out with friends and who introduced us to each other. I recognised Harry as the man who I'd…

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Artem & Olesya

This happened on 3rd of February, 2013. The day was cold and the weather just started to be freezing in Moscow. I catched a cold and felt bad, but there was no possibility to stay home and take care of myself - I had to work because it was my first day in my new job, I got a job as a journalist in a…

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Iliia & Anastasiya

We met each other almost three years ago, on March 5th, 2012.I have a friend named Igor, he went to college with Christina (the best friend of Nastya) and during one of our meetings he told me that Christina has a best friend called Nastya, he showed me her photos in a social network and I decided to…

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Mikhail & Anna

The love story of us started rather simple and prosaic. I was walking around the city with my friend and suddenly two men came into our sight. I looked up to one of them... without any meaning and absolutely incidentally but he took my hand and said: "I have never seen such a very beautiful eyes"! And…

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Anna & Andreas

Andreas and I know each other since 2010 as he is my brother’s best friend. Our lovestory starts when we went to vacation all together in 2013 to Thailand.  Andreas, my brother, my mom and me joined this holiday. It has been a great holiday and me and Andreas got to know each other very close…

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Kiersten & James

Our paths first crossed in Fiji on the 7th April 2011, James had been living and working there for a few years and I had flown to Fiji for a work conference. We both ended up at a waterfront restaurant and one of James friends approached our group  to break the ice after James told him he wanted…

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Tarren & Lee

As the saying goes things come along when you least expect them. Which was exactly the case when I met Lee. Love was the last thing on my mind and the last thing I was interested in but when I met Lee it snuck up and hit hard.   We met and fell in love all by the ocean in Coral Bay 9 years ago.…

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