Individual styling service

Individual styling.

Price: $249

About this service: The Seven Agency professional Decoration Stylist will work with you to create your wedding decoration style based on your wishes, and ideas in keeping with global wedding style trends.

How it works: As soon as you proceed with the Individual styling package, you will be required to pay the full amount ($249) for the service in advance. Important: this amount will be fully deducted from total price of your wedding package and will be refunded to you during pre-wedding meetingTherefore, professional Individual styling service will be cost-free for you! 
Following payment being received you will be contacted by The Seven Agency Decoration Stylist within one working day. From there the first step will be for you to fill out a form which will help our team with initial ideas about your future wedding decorations. From there we will discuss all the finer details: styles, exact inclusions, materials and prices of each item. Lastly you will receive a complete presentation (find example of presentation below) of your Individual wedding decorations that will be executed on your wedding day.

Structure of Individual styling:

1. Ceremony decorations

  • Arch
  • Altar arrangement
  • Aisle markers
  • Personal flowers: for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen
  • Welcome board
  • Flower petal path
  • Confetti cones
  • Chairs for the guests

2. Reception decorations

  • Furniture and flower arrangements for the cocktail area
  • Reception entrance
  • Welcome table
  • Photobooth
  • Bridal table arrangement
  • Table centerpiece, table runners, candles
  • Furniture for dinner area
  • Ambience (for example: floating candles in the pool, frames in the trees, etc)
  • Hanging lightbulbs, hanging lanterns, fairy lights, big letter light.

Terms and conditions: 
Full amount for this service is $249 payable in advance.
This amount will be fully deducted from total price of your wedding package and will be refunded to you during pre-wedding meeting. 
Individual styling can be executed only in line with the structure that can be seen above.
After you fill out the forms, you will be offered a general Individual style to choose from. Once you confirm the style you like and it has been agreed upon , unfortunately the agreed style can not be changed unless you order it again. For example, you have decided to go with “White million roses” style which will mean that the style for all your decorations will be white roses with a white color palette. After you confirm, it can not then be altered, for example, “Tropical theme ” style as the order has already been placed. Minor customisations or additional components however can be made. For example, with the chosen “White million roses” style you will be able to add floating lanterns for the pool with white roses etc.

Example of presentation of Individual styling:

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