Type of tour: Culture
Duration: 1 day
Area: Central Matale District

Price per tour:

1-2 persons - $243 + photosession for free

3-4 persons - $258 + photosession for free

5-6 persons - $274 + photosession for free

8-12 persons - Contact us

IMPORTANT: You have to visit Dambulla Temple in long dress.

You are welcome to make a trip to the most visited place in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya rock is situated in the central area of island and the best time for starting your climbing is the morning. Sigiriya is also known as lion rock and during the trip you will see big lion`s feet closer to the top of the rock. The story of this rock is a little bit tragic and make people feel interest and desire. In 477 year of CE King Kashyapa was selected this place as his residence and felt himself the master of the universe. One day he informed his brother that he want to make a battle on one of the plains of the rock, but is was terrible mistake... When his elephant move in the walked towards reservoir to drink, the army Kashyapa thought that the king decided to leave and army gone away from the king because of big disappointment. Kashyapa was to proud to fight alone and to lose the battle. He fell on his sword and died. 

Our guide will pick up you from hotel at 4 p.m. and you will be able to know whole story of Sigiriya during your day trip in Sri Lanka. After climbing you can ask guide to stop somewhere for lunch and then will visit Dambulla Cave. By the way, video clip "Save a prayer" of famous band Duran Duran was filmed in Sigiriya in 1982.

Sigiriya today is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site.

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