Nuwara Eliya

Type of tour: Gastronomical
Duration: 1 day
Area: Central Matale District

Price per tour:

1-2 persons - $235 + photosession for free

3-4 persons - $247 + photosession for free

5-6 persons - $266 + photosession for free

8-12 persons - Contact us

The second name of calm village which is situated in central part of Sri Lanka is the "city of light". You will wake up early morning and your trip to green lands will begin at 5 a.m. At first you will visit Ramboda waterfall and after you will enjoy amazing hills with tea plantations located on the whole area of Nuwara Eliya and this is the most important place of tea production in Sri Lanka island. The flavor of tea which grown in Nuwara Eliya is strong and has an expressive fragrance. You will ensure when will try the cup of tea on the tea factory. Guides will tell you about stages of tea leaf growth, about methods of drying and grinding levels. Before getting to the supermarket shelves, tea leaf goes through many stages of preparation and you will learn all the secrets after the tour. Besides, we recommend to pay attention on the most expensive type of tea - white tea. It is young tea leaves, they have very tender and soft flavor. During return trip to your hotel you will visit rubber plantation and paddy-fields. You will never forget this wonderful and one of the most popular places also reffered as little England.

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