Kitulgala Rafting

Type of tour: Activity
Duration: 1 day
Area: Western area of Sri Lanka

Price per tour:

  • 1-2 persons - $190
  • 3-4 persons - $220
  • 5-6 persons - $260
  • 8-12 persons - Contact us

Sri Lanka is so versatile and has a lot of wild places to visit. One of them is Kitulgala village where we offer to try whitewater rafting. This is amazing activity tour where you will be able to forgot about whole world and daily life. This Sri Lankan tour will starts from 5 a.m. and our driver will pick up you at this time on comfortable minivan car from your hotel. Kitulgala village is situated closer to west part of island and during your car trip you will see rice and paddy fields. Besides, you should know that there are more than 38 species of different birds in rainy forests around the river area. The best time for rafting is period from April to December, because monsoons season lets the waters of river move your boat faster and you will be impressed by this exciting trip on the rough river. Also Kitulgala village is known for its Kitul Palms. It`s sap is concentrated into a delicious sweet syrup and next it can be fermented into palm wine.

We recommend you to sleep well in advance before rafting tour! 

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