Pre Wedding or Love Story

/ 350 usd

Description & Photos

If you are not considering a full wedding ceremony or vow renewal in Sri Lanka, but simply want some amazing memorable photos, then we have the perfect thing, the Love-story photo session. Our dedicated team of photographers will take you on a trip to the South-West part of the country. Here, you will visit private beaches, ocean-front cliff, jungles, a Buddhist temple, and a colonial style hotel, and all the other best venues that we use for wedding ceremonies. 

As a result, you will get the most amazing love-story album that, without any doubts, will be your treasure forever! 

Remember that you are always able to add to your wedding album and make your big day even more special and unique by adding some of the add-ons that are listed below on this page.

Included in price

Basic inclusions:
  • 3-hours photo session in your hotel
  • Professional photographer
  • All photos (including 40 edited photos)
  • Personal assistant during event
  • Props for photo session
Additional inclusions:
  • Personalised and 100% focused service
    by your personal assistant
  • Photo session concept creating
  • Pre-event meeting-discussion
  • Additional inclusions are listed below. 

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Choose the photographer

photographer Nirosha Photography
Nirosha Photography
Nirosha is our photographer who included in all wedding or love-story packages. He works with a…
photographer International photographer
+150 usd
International photographer
International photographer Dmitry is russian native speaker and he has big experience with wedding photography…

Choose the photosession program

photosession program Your hotel or villa
Your hotel or villa
In case of you stay in private villa or nice hotel - it would be right choice to have your love-story…
photosession program Ocean front cliff
+150 usd
Ocean front cliff
Ocean-front cliff is virtually the combination of white sand beach with the picturesque cliff.…
photosession program Jungle beach
+150 usd
Jungle beach
For beach love-story photosession we have chosen Jungle beach where we handle wedding ceremonies.…
photosession program Away beach
+250 usd
Away beach
If you would be asked how does Maldive’s beach look like - what would you imagine? Perhaps, white-sand…

Choose the add-ons for photosession

add-ons for photosession Make up artist before photosession
+120 usd
Make up artist before photosession
Our stylists and makeup artists in their work use the highest quality make-up: Bobby Brown, MAC, Make-up…
add-ons for photosession Make up artist during all day
+250 usd
Make up artist during all day
Our stylists and makeup artists in their work use the highest quality make-up: Bobby Brown, MAC, Make-up…
add-ons for photosession Pigeons
+95 usd
The releasing of wedding pigeons (or doves) is not only a beautiful custom but also connected with…
add-ons for photosession Traditional Sri Lankan costumes
+190 usd
Special conditions!
Traditional Sri Lankan costumes
Wedding balinese dresses will transform any bride and groom into the balinese king and princess.…
add-ons for photosession Retro-bicycle
+42 usd
Retro bicycle for your wedding photo shoot as one of the decoration is a stylish, original and unusual…
add-ons for photosession Retro-scooter
+150 usd
Always stylish retro scooter Vespa will give new ideas for photo shoots and gladden any couple of newlyweds.…
add-ons for photosession Harley Davidson
+185 usd
Harley Davidson
Hundreds of legends and images are associated with this king of American roads. Perhaps, many couples…
add-ons for photosession Luxe-car
+690 usd
We do not suggest you to order a luxury car for a wedding transfer (although it is possible): it is…
add-ons for photosession Sport-bike
+140 usd
Record holder concerning its appearance and aggressive design, known all over the world as one of the…
add-ons for photosession Sky lanterns
+40 usd
Sky lanterns
Sky flashlights (or lanterns) have a long history from the beginning of the 3rd century, but they were…
add-ons for photosession Retro-cabriolet
+175 usd
Vintage retro cabriolet can make any wedding ceremony more delicate. We recommend…
add-ons for photosession Helium balloons
+42 usd
Helium balloons
Helium baloons will be colorful and essential additional to all types of wedding ceremony. Definetely…