Wedding in Goa

If you had to describe Goa in one sentence it would be that it is a place of contrasts; on the one hand there is still the mystique of unique and untouched Indian culture, on the other hand, there are plenty of luxury branded hotels and international music, cuisine, and beach festivals making Goa cosmopolitan and vibrant.
Goa is blessed with incredible scenery and wildlife most notably wide, white sandy beaches (Goa’s coastline consists of 101 km and 20 various beaches), it also boasts a comfortable tropical climate (28-30°C) and of course world-famous sunsets. With all this it’s easy to see why Goa is a fantastic destination to enjoy a romantic honeymoon, which is why The Seven Agency has chosen Goa as one of its main wedding destinations. Our team of highly experienced 

wedding planners with many years in the wedding industry will assist you in all aspects of the planning and execution. We will help you choose between the many different wedding venues, any decorations or equipment and components. All these options and more besides can be found on our Goa wedding pages. As usual, our prices are clear and also stated before we have no hidden fees, using our website you can estimate your future wedding budget directly which makes planning and budgeting incredibly easy. Here at the Seven Agency we organize both: big events with hundreds of guests as well as small intimate blessing ceremonies. For further information on a wedding in Goa simply click a tab below and one of our professional wedding consultants will be in touch with you within a working day.


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