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Villa wedding

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How would you like to have your wedding in a stunning luxury villa right on shoreline overlooking the clear turquoise ocean and the beach? Our villa wedding package gives you exactly that Bali villas are world renowned for their sophistication style and luxury. If you choose a villa wedding the day is sure to become one of the most impressive events of your life. The beauty of Bali is the fact that there are many great and exotic villas to choose from, which could all provide a magical location for your wedding ceremony.

The ceremony will be organized on the ocean shore  next to our specially selected villa, and some of Bali’s the best chefs will lay on exquisite cuisine to tantalize your taste buds.  A wedding in a villa is not just beautiful and romantic, but at the same time very comfortable with an outdoor pool, separate bedrooms with ocean views, and attentive staff that look after you during your stay you can be assured of real comfort immediately after your ceremony.  
A villa wedding is also fantastic as it will save your budget too because you will not have to pay separately for the accommodation of each guest or their transportation costs to other hotels. Note: if you have many guests attending your event please check out our “big wedding packages” for further Information on larger weddings. 

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Wedding venue:
  • Please choose a venue below
Care before event:
  • Personalised consulting by your wedding planner
  • Pre-wedding meeting-presentation
  • Share the happiness: we will make donation to needy in Bali -
Perfection during event: 
  • Team of highly experienced organizers
  • Return transfer
  • English speaking celebrant
  • Personal wedding butler
  • Commemorative certificate

The Seven's difference
You will receive personalized and 100% focused service before, during, and after, your special day.
Our wedding team consists of 40+ full-time wedding professionals who will be committed to you.
Your event is special and unique, and not just "another project for us".

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Choose the Wedding venue

Wedding venue Waka Gangga
+700 usd
Waka Gangga
Would you like to get to the real fairy tale? So Waka Gangga is the best choice for you! It is…
Wedding venue Mengening villa
+650 usd
Mengening villa
Welcome to bali mengening villa , an absolute beach front villa at mengening baliThe villas are named…
Wedding venue The Royal Purnama
+3550 usd
The Royal Purnama
Wedding is a one time event that anyone wishes to have it in a one-of-a-kind location. The Royal Purnama,…
Wedding venue Anugrah Villa
+4500 usd
Anugrah Villa
Villa Anugrah is a perfect place to host the dream wedding or a celebratory party you have always imagined.…
Wedding venue OMG Villa
+2850 usd
OMG Villa
Villa OMG was named from the gasps of spontaneous surprise on arrival to the villa.A 25-metre infinity­edge…
Wedding venue The Edge Villa
+1600 usd
The Edge Villa
The Edge villa complex is located on the beautiful 400-meters high cliff. From the top of the cliff…
Wedding venue THE UNGASAN Cliff Top Resort
+2340 usd
THE UNGASAN Cliff Top Resort
To better reflect the Resort’s distinctive qualities and rich cultural heritage, the Resort’s…
Wedding venue Phalosa villa
+1900 usd
Phalosa villa
Phalosa is a private villa, located in Seminyak district, on the famous southwestern Bali coast. This…
Wedding venue Latitude Villa
+2500 usd
Latitude Villa
Latitude Bali is a spectacular and iconic Bali luxury villa and exquisite wedding venue, perched atop…
Wedding venue Sinaran Surga Villa
+1625 usd
Sinaran Surga Villa
Villa Sinaran Surga consist of two villas called Cahaya (5 bedrooms) and Angin Laut (4 bedrooms). Villa…
Wedding venue Sanctus Villa
+1500 usd
Sanctus Villa
The Sanctus Villa is a perfect place for your dream wedding and other special event venue. The villa…
Wedding venue Morabito Art Villa
+9100 usd
Morabito Art Villa
Architecture and interior designed by French, Paris based jeweler Pascal Morabito, Morabito Art Villa…
Wedding venue Shalimar Villa
+2275 usd
Shalimar Villa
The approach to Shalimar is by a small lane of coconut palms through emerald rice fields. Directly on…
Wedding venue Teresa Villa
+1025 usd
Teresa Villa
Villa Teresa is 5 bedrooms beachfront property in Canggu village – Bali. When it comes to full…
Wedding venue Infinity Villa
+1680 usd
Infinity Villa
Villa Infinity Bali is with its luxury bedrooms, spacious gardens and unobstructed infinity view one…
Wedding venue Your villa or hotel
Your villa or hotel
For those who prefer to arrange everything with the maximum comfort for themselves we could recommend…
Wedding venue Bayuh Sabbha
+2075 usd
Bayuh Sabbha
Perched on a cliff top, 50 metres above the dazzling azure sea, with spectacular bird’s eye views…
Wedding venue Gajah Putih Villa
+4000 usd
Gajah Putih Villa
Villa Gajah Putih is one of Bali’s most distinguished properties. This seven bedrooms estate (which…
Wedding venue Jeeva Saba
+4600 usd
Jeeva Saba
The Jeeva Saba Bali Estate is designed for gatherings and special events. With the Pura Anyar temple…
Wedding venue Pure Villa
+1400 usd
Pure Villa
Pure Villa is a premium luxury exotic six bedrooms holiday villa in Bali, nestled in the majestic landscape…
Wedding venue Atas Ombak Villa
+1975 usd
Atas Ombak Villa
Villa Atas Ombak is simply extraordinary: the very essence of Bali has been distilled into a single…
Wedding venue Bedugul Luxury Villa'
+150 usd
Bedugul Luxury Villa'
Bedugul Luxury Villa is located 300 meters from Ulun Danu temple. Your ceremony will be held in observing…
Wedding venue Plataran
+500 usd
This heavenly place is located in the heart of the southern (touristic) part of the island. But despite of…
Wedding venue Alila Villas Uluwatu
+12500 usd
Alila Villas Uluwatu
Poised on an elevated plateau that meets with limestone cliffs sweeping down to the ocean, the view…
Wedding venue Pushpapuri Villa
+670 usd
Pushpapuri Villa
The sheer spaciousness of both the villa and grounds – with an abundance of outdoor areas, lawn…
Wedding venue Ayana Villa
+10000 usd
Ayana Villa
3000 square meter villa offers one lavish, breath-taking location for the ceremony, reception and any…
Wedding venue Khayangan Estate
+4850 usd
Khayangan Estate
The name comes from the old word for ‘Seventh Heaven’. This private Bali villa estate is…

Choose the Decorations & style

Decorations & style Individual Styling
+249 usd
Individual Styling
Infuse your personality into the wedding decorations by tailoring your ideas and our suggestions.We’re…
Decorations & style Full concept styling
+499 usd
Full concept styling
Have your dream wedding created like no other. With this fully custom-made wedding design service we…
Decorations & style Rustic style'
+300 usd
Rustic style'
This woodland pergola accented with delicate flowers and vines looks natural and simple, a perfect setting…
Decorations & style Bohemian'
+500 usd
A unique style for a unique couple, this drift wood arch is embellished with golden moroccan lanterns,…
Decorations & style Vintage'
+500 usd
Vintage lace adorns a woodland arch draped with garden flowers and delicate leaves. A teapot filled…
Decorations & style Ocean elegance'
+350 usd
Ocean elegance'
In 2014, we had questionnaire among our newlyweds: what is the most desired decorations style you would…
Decorations & style Tropical escape'
+350 usd
Tropical escape'
When you read the word "tropical", probably your imagination immediately start to draw something very…
Decorations & style Flowers bloom'
+500 usd
Flowers bloom'
Flowers bloom style is one of the most frequently ordered and no wonder why. Common and simple floral…
Decorations & style Pristine white'
+550 usd
Pristine white'
Be special. Be white. Be like a virgin. Your entire wedding concept (and probably dress-code for the…

Choose the Makeup

Makeup Bali makeup & hair
+145 usd
Bali makeup & hair
Beauty is Confidence! A flawless face, beautiful hair and a radiant appearance will not only make you…
Makeup Momiji makeup team
+500 usd
Momiji makeup team
Melia Momiji is the owner of Momiji Make Up Artist Bali. She is one of professional Makeup Artist in…

Choose the Photography

Photography The Seven Photography
+900 usd
The Seven Photography
If you are searching for the cheap photography service – you may be better off closing this window.…
Photography Your own photographer
-125 usd
Your own photographer
Photo session is one of the most important parts of the wedding  day because it helps to conserve…

Choose the Videography

Videography Three
+400 usd
Photo album will be a good memory of  the best day for the rest of your life, but to receive  an opportunity…
Videography Five
+550 usd
Five - The Seven prewedding & engagement package. Inclusions: Up to 5 hours 1 videographer…
Videography Eight
+700 usd
Eight - The Seven prewedding & engagement package.  Included:  Up to 8 hours of videosession…

Choose the Transfer for couple

Transfer for couple Standard transfer
Standard transfer
You have to think in advance about the way of transportation for you and your guests in Bali. Transfer…
Transfer for couple Mercedes Benz 280s
+270 usd
Mercedes Benz 280s
We are pretty sure that, you want to travel in style and luxury on your special day and our Classic…
Transfer for couple Volkswagen safari retro
+175 usd
Volkswagen safari retro
Vintage retro cabriolet could make any wedding ceremony more sophisticated. We recommend you to order…
Transfer for couple Volkswagen Combi Minivan
+210 usd
Volkswagen Combi Minivan
Attention  for the retro lovers! This transfer option is similar to the standard one: you…
Transfer for couple Mercedes C200
+290 usd
Mercedes C200
There is no need to explain how chic is to arrive  to the wedding venue in a luxury Mercedes? Absolutely…
Transfer for couple Mercedes S or BMW 7-series
+450 usd
Mercedes S or BMW 7-series
The dream of every bride is not just exclusive ceremony, beautiful restaurant with an exquisite menu and…
Transfer for couple Police escort
+400 usd
Police escort
Sure that no one expected such option but with us everything is possible! Police cortege is at…

Choose the Celebrant

Celebrant Commitment ceremony celebrant
Commitment ceremony celebrant
When  the decoration is chosen it is the right time to think of the MC. Balinese master of…
Celebrant Religious ceremony celebrant
+200 usd
Religious ceremony celebrant
Inclusions: Language: English or Indonesian Style: according to chosen religion Available for: Muslim,…
Celebrant Balinese blessing ceremony
+300 usd
Balinese blessing ceremony
This kind of the ceremony is meaningful very exotic. Balinese priest and his assistants will invite…
Celebrant Legal wedding arrangement
+650 usd
Legal wedding arrangement
In order to have a formal wedding in Bali, you must respect two following conditions: No 1. A bride…

Choose the Entertainment for ceremony

Entertainment for ceremony Saxophonist duo
+300 usd
Saxophonist duo
Saxophone is a great romantic instrument, the sound of guitar always makes  our hearts to beat…
Entertainment for ceremony Violin & Cello
+375 usd
Violin & Cello
Two great and very deep instruments sounding together. These duo will be suitable for the very sophisticated…
Entertainment for ceremony Trio
+350 usd
Sounds of good music enter our soul and stay there forever. Live music is a perfect choice for romantic weddings…
Entertainment for ceremony Dove release
+150 usd
Dove release
Dove is a beautiful bird, the international symbol of peace. Releasing of wedding  doves  is…
Entertainment for ceremony Flower girls for ceremony
+150 usd
Flower girls for ceremony
We are trying  everything to make your wedding in Bali very special. Balinese people believe that presence…
Entertainment for ceremony Legong mini dance
+300 usd
Legong mini dance
Would you like to bring more fun to your wedding adding an exotic show program to the  ceremony? Then…

Choose the Wedding cake

Wedding cake One-tier cake
One-tier cake
And now one of the most pleasant things- choosing of the wedding cake. We propose to you 1-tier,…
Wedding cake Two-tier cake
+125 usd
Two-tier cake
We propose to you1 tier 30 cm + 1 tier 20 cm round cake with butter cream and fresh flower decoration,…
Wedding cake Three-tier cake
+245 usd
Three-tier cake
We propose to you 1 tier 40 cm + 1 tier 30 cm + 1 tier 20 cm round cake with buttercream, for up to…

Choose the Entertainment for reception

Entertainment for reception MC
+350 usd
Inclusions: Languages: English and Indonesian Up to 4 hours
Entertainment for reception Magician
+250 usd
One of great ideas to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. A close up or table magician is a…
Entertainment for reception Full band
+950 usd
Full band
Inclusions: 1 guitar vocal + 1 female singer + 1 bass + 1 drum + 1 keyboard 2 times x 1 hour
Entertainment for reception DJ perfomance
+500 usd
DJ perfomance
Inclusions: By famous Bali based DJ Up to 3 hours Included: professional DJ equipment 
Entertainment for reception Mini firework
+500 usd
Mini firework
What can be better, than the rumblings of multicolored glowing patterns across the night sky in your…
Entertainment for reception Fire dance
+390 usd
Fire dance
True professional acrobats and fire tamers will amaze you and your guests with incredible stunts. On…
Entertainment for reception Kecak tarditional perfomance
+700 usd
Kecak tarditional perfomance
One more great performance for your choice. The Kecak is an unusual Balinese dance for a couple…

Choose the Additional components

Additional components Your own wedding website
+49 usd
Your own wedding website
It has never been so easy to create and customize your wedding website without technical knowledge &…
Additional components Pampering SPA program
+150 usd
Pampering SPA program
Wedding preparations is a hard and nervous process , because everyone wants to make this special day really…
Additional components Love story photosession
+700 usd
Love story photosession
Please, visit Pre-wedding and Love-story photosessions page to get complete information…
Additional components Photo-journey around Bali
+1270 usd
Photo-journey around Bali
Please, visit Pre-wedding and Love-story photosessions page to get complete information…
Additional components Photo-video journey around Bali
+1560 usd
Photo-video journey around Bali
Please, visit Pre-wedding and Love-story photosessions page to get complete information…
Additional components Wedding dress
+200 usd
Wedding dress
The thing that makes a bride to feel a real princess at the wedding is her wedding dress and it’s…
Additional components Traditional balinese costume
+190 usd
Traditional balinese costume
As you decided to make your wedding in such exotic place as Bali it will be really nice to choose a traditional…
Additional components Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
Get more info.
Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
And of course the famous pre-married traditions of all the times - Bachelor & Bachelorette Party! You…