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Your pre-wedding Bali can add just that extra special touch to your big wedding day. A time of your lives that you will cherish forever filled with intimate moments at the most special places, great stays at romantic resorts and enviable photos. What makes the island of Bali so amazing and loved among travelers all over the world is its diversity, which is quite something unique for an island small like Bali. From breathtaking landscapes, pristine white and black sand beaches that border the deep blue ocean, majestic holy volcanoes, emerald rice paddies, mangroves, endless Hindu temples, lush jungles, spectacular waterfalls and so much more. It is no wonder that Bali - world’s only Island of the Gods - is the #1 choice for many couples wanting to get married or renew their vows! We highly recommend couples to take advantage of the many wonders that Bali Island has to offer, experiencing the Balinese culture, seeing the island’s highlights and secrets and above all, capturing these most special moments of your lives with a pre & after wedding photoshoot or videography session. With a pre-wedding package in Bali, custom-designed by the wedding experts of The Seven Agency, all your pre-wedding wishes, hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

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Included in price

Photosession venue:
  • Your hotel or villa
Care before event:
  • Personalised consulting by your wedding planner
  • Photosession concept creating
  • Pre-event meeting-discussion
Perfection during event: 
  • Premium photographer with assistant
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Professional make-up artist
  • Team of highly experienced organizers
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Personal assistant
  • Props for photosession
Additional inclusions: 
  • Additional inclusions differ depending on the program (see below)
And even more:
  • All taxes 
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Reviews Portfolio

Choose the Photosession program

Photosession program Your hotel or villa
Your hotel or villa
If you stay in a beautiful private villa or a nice hotel - it would be the right choice to have your…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program A
+690 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program A
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program B
+690 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program B
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program C
+690 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program C
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program D
+690 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program D
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…

Choose the Makeup

Makeup In-house makeup artist
In-house makeup artist
Your wedding makeup will be created by one of our in-house makeup artists who are the graduates of the…
Makeup Momiji makeup team
+500 usd
Momiji makeup team
Melia Momiji is the owner of Momiji Make Up Artist Bali. She is one of professional Makeup Artist in…

Choose the Videography

Videography Three
+450 usd
Photo album will be a good memory of  the best day for the rest of your life, but to receive  an opportunity…
Videography Five
+650 usd
Five - The Seven prewedding & engagement package. Inclusions: Up to 5 hours 1 videographer…
Videography Eight
+1000 usd
Eight - The Seven prewedding & engagement package.  Included:  Up to 8 hours of videosession…

Choose the Add-ons for photosession

Add-ons for photosession Pigeons
+150 usd
The releasing of wedding pigeons (or doves) is not only a beautiful custom but also connected with…
Add-ons for photosession Volkswagen Beetle
+185 usd
Volkswagen Beetle
A extra ordinary and stylish Volkswagen Beetle can be amazing option for your wedding transfer.…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-bicycle
+42 usd
Retro bicycle for your wedding photo shoot as one of the decoration is a stylish, original and unusual…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-scooter
+150 usd
Always stylish retro scooter Vespa will give new ideas for photo shoots and gladden any couple of newlyweds.…
Add-ons for photosession Wedding dress
+300 usd
Wedding dress
We suggest you to rent (with special price from 300 till 400 usd) or buy (with special price from…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-minivan
+210 usd
This transfer option is similar to the previous: you can also take six friends with you. But the minivan…
Add-ons for photosession Harley Davidson
+185 usd
Harley Davidson
Hundreds of legends and images are associated with this king of American roads. Perhaps, many couples…
Add-ons for photosession Sport-bike
+140 usd
Record holder concerning its appearance and aggressive design, known all over the world as one of the…
Add-ons for photosession Luxe-car
+690 usd
We do not suggest you to order a luxury car for a wedding transfer (although it is possible): it is…
Add-ons for photosession Sky lanterns
+40 usd
Sky lanterns
Sky flashlights (or lanterns) have a long history from the beginning of the 3rd century, but they were…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-cabriolet
+175 usd
Vintage retro cabriolet can make any wedding ceremony more delicate. We recommend…
Add-ons for photosession Little girls-angels
+110 usd
Little girls-angels
Balinese people believe that children at the wedding ceremony mean the blissful future. Depending…
Add-ons for photosession Umbrellas boys or girls
+140 usd
Umbrellas boys or girls
Comparing with little girls-angels, umbrellas boys or girls are older. Brightly dressed with…
Add-ons for photosession Helium balloons
+42 usd
Helium balloons
Helium baloons will be colorful and essential additional to all types of wedding ceremony. Definetely…


Personal Bali pre-wedding package

Want to shoot some amazing photos or videos of just the two of you on a private beach, in a stunning luxury villa, on a desolate island, at the top of a volcano, in the jungle, rice paddies or on the edge of a dramatic ocean cliff? You can let you imaginations go wild! Bali is as diverse as can be and almost everything is possible with our pre-wedding package. Together we can even design your own Bali pre-wedding package, making your pre-wedding in Bali unique, authentic and utterly special.

Whether you want just one location for your private photoshoot or you want to travel the island to get some shots at several amazing locations, the choice is up to you lovebirds. We offer 3-hour photo sessions by professional wedding photographers in Bali at one specific location as well as full-day programs at several island location to accommodate all your dreams, hopes and wishes.

Capturing this pre & after marriage moments in Bali live on video allows couples to relive these special moments on this magical little island over and over again. Snuggle up together and reminisce together or share the joy with friends, families, your kids and later on, your grand and grand children. Videographers are part of the team at The Seven Agency, making it easy to arrange videography sessions and also guaranteeing the best affordable prices. A video session can be booked for 3, 5 or 8 hours featuring 1 or more locations, depending on your wishes and budget. The end result will be cropped into movie clip of 3-5 minutes to take home with you at the end of this romantic holiday in Bali.

Your private photoshoot or video session at special locations around the island doesn’t only include professional wedding photographers and videographers but the packages also come with talented makeup artists and air-conditioned return transfers. You will be made as beautiful and handsome as can be by one of our in-house makeup artists who are the graduates of International schools such as Puspita Martha in Jakarta. You can also upgrade your Bali pre-wedding package to get a metamorphose by famous makeup artists, using famous brands if you wish. Suggestion: Bring pictures of how you want your makeup to be on your big day - photos will help where words let you down.

To make your pre & after wedding photoshoot or video session even more special, you can upgrade your package with unique and utterly cool attributes ranging from retro cars and motorbikes to wedding dresses and traditional Balinese costumes, to releasing sky lanterns, helium balloons or pigeons, to sessions involving big amazing animals such as elephants, camels and horses. They sure make your photos or movie clip out of the ordinary and exotic as can be. Whether you are planning an upcoming wedding in Bali or whether you are simply on holiday, our pre-wedding packages are perfect for everyone wanting a unique photo or video experience.

Book your pre-wedding in Bali

We are an established and experienced travel and wedding agency based right here on the island of Bali. With our team of internationals and locals, we know everything that Bali has to offer from gorgeous resorts to hidden places off the beaten track. With a team of 40+ experts, we have planned over 2000 events (including pre-wedding photosessions) and we proudly present our portfolio and all of the praising reviews from happy brides and grooms joining hands with us for their special days on Bali Island in the past. Our personal approach gives room for a personal touch of the newlyweds or newlywed to be. We offer flexibility and room for modifications - our main goal is to accommodate the hopes and dreams of our customers, touched off with inspiration and ideas that come from our years of expertise and knowledge of the island. We offer unique inclusions, the best locations and affordable prices lower than other agency’s on the island. We are also happy to customize and tailor-make pre-wedding packages for you, just to your likings for a unique experience and in this case, amazing photos and videos. Ready to say ‘yes’ to your pre-wedding in Bali? Feel free to contact us and knock us down with your questions. We are ready to help and advise.