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The great advantage of visiting Bali is its diversity, along with the fact that it is truly amazing that such a small island has so many different features to offer. From breathtaking landscapes, white and black sand beaches, volcanoes, clear blue ocean, rice paddies, mangroves, unique Hindu temples, lush jungles, spectacular waterfalls and so much more. It’s no wonder the island of the Gods is the number one choice for many couples wanting to get married!

We highly recommend couples take advantage of the many wonders Bali has to offer, and experience the Balinese culture by taking fabulous photos with a pre & after wedding photoshoot. This may include a full-day program around Bali or a 3-hour photo session in a specific location. All photo packages are easily upgraded to include additional photo options such as Balinese traditional costumes, retro bicycles, elephants and much more.

Whether you are planning an upcoming wedding in Bali or whether you are simply on holiday this package is perfect for everyone wanting an unique photo experience.

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Included in price

Photosession venue:
  • Your hotel or villa
Care before event:
  • Personalised consulting by your wedding planner
  • Photosession concept creating
  • Pre-event meeting-discussion
Perfection during event: 
  • Premium photographer with assistant
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Professional make-up artist
  • Team of highly experienced organizers
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Personal assistant
  • Props for photosession
Additional inclusions: 
  • Additional inclusions differ depending on the program (see below)
And even more:
  • All taxes 

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Choose the Photosession program

Photosession program Your hotel or villa
Your hotel or villa
If you stay in a beautiful private villa or a nice hotel - it would be the right choice to have your…
Photosession program Prewedding photoshoot with camels
+100 usd
Prewedding photoshoot with camels
Area: Nusa Dua Photoshoot spots: On camels on the beach On the cliff At the Monument Included: Two camels…
Photosession program Prewedding photoshoot with horses
+400 usd
Prewedding photoshoot with horses
Area: Tabanan Photoshoot spots: on horses on the beach in the villa garden in the private villa Included:…
Photosession program Prewedding photoshoot with elephants
+800 usd
Prewedding photoshoot with elephants
Area: Tegalalang Photoshoot spots: On elephant Tegalalang rice terrace In the garden of the Elephant…
Photosession program Ocean front cliff
+100 usd
Ocean front cliff
Looking for the right place for a photo session is not an easy task. One of the most popular venues…
Photosession program Private beach
+100 usd
Private beach
All the things that you need for your perfect photo session is Sawangan beach: white sand , blue ocean and…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program A
+570 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program A
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program B
+570 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program B
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program C
+570 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program C
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Love-story around Bali: Program D
+570 usd
Love-story around Bali: Program D
Love-story photo session is a nice possibility to conserve in your wedding album the most romantic moments…
Photosession program Gili Islands
+800 usd
Gili Islands
Paradise Island with endless beaches and white sand. Lovely grounds for a romantic ceremony, dinner…

Choose the Makeup

Makeup In-house makeup artist
In-house makeup artist
Your wedding makeup will be created by one of our in-house makeup artists who are the graduates of the…
Makeup Bali makeup & hair
+185 usd
Bali makeup & hair
Beauty is Confidence! A flawless face, beautiful hair and a radiant appearance will not only make you…
Makeup Momiji makeup team
+500 usd
Momiji makeup team
Melia Momiji is the owner of Momiji Make Up Artist Bali. She is one of professional Makeup Artist in…

Choose the Videography

Videography Three
+400 usd
Photo album will be a good memory of  the best day for the rest of your life, but to receive  an opportunity…
Videography Five
+550 usd
Five - The Seven prewedding & engagement package. Inclusions: Up to 5 hours 1 videographer…
Videography Eight
+700 usd
Eight - The Seven prewedding & engagement package.  Included:  Up to 8 hours of videosession…

Choose the Add-ons for photosession

Add-ons for photosession Traditional balinese costume
+190 usd
Traditional balinese costume
Wedding balinese dresses will transform any bride and groom into the balinese king and princess.…
Add-ons for photosession Pigeons
+95 usd
The releasing of wedding pigeons (or doves) is not only a beautiful custom but also connected with…
Add-ons for photosession Volkswagen Beetle
+175 usd
Volkswagen Beetle
A extra ordinary and stylish Volkswagen Beetle can be amazing option for your wedding transfer.…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-bicycle
+42 usd
Retro bicycle for your wedding photo shoot as one of the decoration is a stylish, original and unusual…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-scooter
+150 usd
Always stylish retro scooter Vespa will give new ideas for photo shoots and gladden any couple of newlyweds.…
Add-ons for photosession Wedding dress
+200 usd
Wedding dress
We suggest you to rent (with special price from 200 till 400 usd) or buy (with special price…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-minivan
+210 usd
This transfer option is similar to the previous: you can also take six friends with you. But the minivan…
Add-ons for photosession Harley Davidson
+185 usd
Harley Davidson
Hundreds of legends and images are associated with this king of American roads. Perhaps, many couples…
Add-ons for photosession Luxe-car
+690 usd
We do not suggest you to order a luxury car for a wedding transfer (although it is possible): it is…
Add-ons for photosession Sport-bike
+140 usd
Record holder concerning its appearance and aggressive design, known all over the world as one of the…
Add-ons for photosession Sky lanterns
+40 usd
Sky lanterns
Sky flashlights (or lanterns) have a long history from the beginning of the 3rd century, but they were…
Add-ons for photosession Retro-cabriolet
+175 usd
Vintage retro cabriolet can make any wedding ceremony more delicate. We recommend…
Add-ons for photosession Little girls-angels
+110 usd
Little girls-angels
Balinese people believe that children at the wedding ceremony mean the blissful future. Depending…
Add-ons for photosession Umbrellas boys or girls
+140 usd
Umbrellas boys or girls
Comparing with little girls-angels, umbrellas boys or girls are older. Brightly dressed with…
Add-ons for photosession Helium balloons
+42 usd
Helium balloons
Helium baloons will be colorful and essential additional to all types of wedding ceremony. Definetely…