Weddings Costs in Santorini

Santorini…. the island of colour, of stunning blue water, of vibrant purple flowers, of beautiful white washed buildings, and the island of love! Santorini is becoming a popular wedding location in Greece because of its picturesque settings and stunning views.

Santorini has all the elements of your dream wedding. Imagine getting married in a beautiful old church, with your reception in a gorgeous white washed elegant cliff top restaurant, overlooking the blue ocean below…stunning flowers everywhere, music playing, a gentle breeze…it’s certainly what wedding dreams are made of.

Wedding in Santorini

There are things to consider when getting married in Santorini. What is the best time of year weather wise? Where do we get married? How many people do we invite? What are the legalities? Where will we stay? And…how much will wedding in Santorini cost?

So many of these questions can be answered by considering your budget first. And Santorini can cater to wedding budgets of all sorts so first run through a checklist and establish your priorities and how you have always imagined your perfect wedding day.

Naturally costs will go up if you have a large wedding party so consider whether you invite lots of family and friends to attend your ceremony and then celebrate at a restaurant or do you invite just those closest to you and entertain your guests after the ceremony at a private villa.

The time of year and the weather will dictate some of the cost – the better the weather, the more demand there is for weddings so costs can be higher. On top of this, you need to factor in wedding decorations, accommodation, legal paperwork, flowers, the actual ceremony and then the catering for the reception afterwards.

It may seem daunting so the best place to start is with a checklist. We have created such a list on our website which will help you think about all the details of your perfect day. Once you are on our website, one of our online consultants will introduce themselves and are there to help with any questions while you go through our concepts and checklist. understands the need to create the most beautiful bespoke wedding on the stunning island of Santorini so we have wedding coordinators on hand to help you have the most perfect day. Our team have been organising and managing weddings in Santorini for years and know all the best locations and deal locally  - so we can help to keep your costs well within your budget.

We can offer guidance with location for the ceremony and reception, plus all the legalities, as well arranging catering, flowers, decoration, music, guest gifts, gifts for the bride and groom, hair and make up, photography to capture your special moments….just to name a few things.

Destination Wedding in Santorini

Our packages are all inclusive but are tailored to your budget and your exact needs so you know you are getting the very best of stunning Santorini for your special day.

Weddings on Santorini are beautiful and create memories to last a lifetime. By contacting our team and giving us the privilege of working for you to create your perfect day, we can guarantee a cost effective plan for your Santorini dream day while ensuring the most beautiful day capturing the love you share.

Please get in touch with one of our online consultants now so we can start taking steps towards creating the most beautiful wedding on Santorini island, just for you.