The Wedding Venue of Your Dreams in Santorini

Now that you have decided on Santorini as your dream wedding destination, it is time to focus on the specifics of a venue.  This is easier said than done.  Not only is this most famous of  Greek islands abound with choices galore, but for the vast majority, there is the added difficulty of not being familiar with all that is on offer in Santorini. Fortunately, here is where a reputable wedding agency such as The Seven Agency can provide you with good quality and up to date information to make your final choice of venue a little easier. Listed below are things to think about to include in your brief of your venue requirements.

Think about location

First of all, when choosing your Greek wedding venue, consider what is important for you.  Having chosen Santorini over another equally exotic destination, or a wedding at home, chances are the majestic and unique views this island offers are high on your priority list. This will decide the region of the island you seek.  As such, narrow your search for a venue to areas with easy access to clear, uninterrupted views over the ocean, such as in the village of Oia.  Alternately, the eastern side with a stunning black beach view might be what you are after. Whatever scenery you prefer, this will provide a memorable backdrop for the ceremony itself, and photographs that will capture the magical beauty of Santorini for years to come.

Consider the number of guests

 Once you have decided on the backdrop and general location, evaluate your guest list, as the number of guests attending will have a knock on effect with budget and venue selection. Destination weddings tend to have smaller numbers of attendees, due to increased travel costs and possible time off required, so be sure to lock this in early on.  The venue needs to be able to accommodate the specified number comfortably, ensuring the best possible view and most memorable experience for all in attendance.

 Set a budget limit

The all important budget allocated to the venue may well be the deciding factor. It is best for you and your fiancé to agree on a general idea of what your limit is before you start looking at venues.  How much you can afford or prefer to spend on the venue can give you a clear idea of what is available, or realistic.

 Check what the venue can provide

Finally, what the venue can provide for your special day is worth considering.  If you intend to have both the wedding ceremony and reception in the one venue, it is vital to consider what facilities and in house packages the wedding venue in Santorini can provide. Take into consideration food and beverage, music and décor.  What the actual Santorini wedding venue can provide versus what must be sourced from outside vendors is a big consideration as well.

 Check the time of year

Seasons can be a big factor too here, as high season means high prices.  Opt for in between seasons, when the weather is still good, but numbers of visitors to the region is reduced.  This will also alter the venue price tag substantially.

Wedding Venue Santorini

The Seven Agency can help!

Thus, with all of this to consider, wedding planning can become bewildering, especially as prospective clients are generally not knowledgeable on all that is available in this majestic Greek island.  For this reason, it is highly recommended to employ the services of a recognized and reputable company.  While it may seem like another cost, The Seven Agency can save time and money by providing you with a shortlist of appropriate wedding venues in Santorini.  All the hard work has been done and the team work closely with the best venues and wedding vendors in Santorini to ensure the planning process is smooth and as stress free as possible.  The Seven Agency consultants would be delighted to chat to you and advise on the specifics of your wedding day. They can help you enjoy a relaxed, memorable wedding day so you can concentrate on what is most important – enjoying YOUR day with the special people in your life.

Contact the team via the website today to speak to a consultant – take the stress out of your wedding planning and ensure that your wedding day on the Greek island of Santorini paradise is the best day of your lives!