Styling tips for Bali brides

Your wedding day is the day when you want to look the most beautiful in your entire life. Getting a wedding hair and makeup treatment in Bali will make you not look only stunning but also feel like a princess. You want to be prepared for your makeup trial but not sure what is a ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ in regards to makeup for brides? We will tell you!

The first rule when it comes to eye makeup for brides is that it shall be natural and emphasize the beauty of your eyes instead of covering them with eye shadow and eyeliner. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it! Your makeup artist will advise you on the perfect color of the eye shadow which matches the best to your eye color. Some brides still love the idea of smoky eyes and you can still have that! It doesn’t mean necessarily that it will be too much makeup on your eyes. Also smoky eyes can be made using soft and natural colors, without looking like a vamp ;)

Many brides don’t get much sleep the night before getting married. Too many things will go through your mind. Try the best to get your beauty sleep – but if this is just impossible than makeup can work wonders! That’s why it is very important that you select your makeup artist carefully. Make sure they are using only high quality products and have an idea how to make the rings below your eyes disappear.

Now how you can get some ideas for your own wedding makeup? On your wedding in Bali you want to shine like a star, so why not get superstars for your inspiration? Singers and actresses are mostly ahead of all trends or even set them! Follow your idols, especially the ones who are the same skin and hair type as you.

Bridal Hair

When it comes to bridal hair ideas it will depend absolutely on your overall look, which means it shall be adjusted to your dress, your makeup and even the location! If you have your wedding on a beach, you will probably have a rather casual style. Soft waves and simple braids will look fabulous. If your wedding will take place in a grand ballroom, you will have probably a long veil and big dress. An elegant up do will match perfectly and your whole look will not be exaggerated.

In the end, the most important is that you are not disguising and just be yourself!