Rain protection program

Rainy Season in Bali

Whenever you hear the words ‘rainy season’ in a tropical location, it tends to send warning signals to people thinking of visiting during this period. People imagine torrential rain, floods and being stuck indoors sweating through humid conditions. In some Southeast Asian countries, this is pretty spot on, but Bali is a little different.

Bali offers stable temperatures all year round

Being only 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali doesn’t experience much diversity in its temperatures; visitors can enjoy shorts and T-shirt weather all year round. Wet season water temperatures are lovely with January and February boasting the highest average sea temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. The average length of a day in Bali is also quite stable, sitting between 12 and 13 hours per day, with the average amount of sunshine per day at a perfect 8.2 hours.

What is rainy season in Bali really like?

Like other tropical locations, there are two ‘official’ seasons in Bali, wet and dry. The highest recorded rainfalls tend to be between December and March; January usually experiences the highest rainfall. The rainy season is said to last through until March or April but most years it slows down in February. In fact, the reality of rainy season is quite different to what people may think. Most of the rain actually falls at night time and is then followed by glorious sunshine during the day. This blog link talks about this in more detail http://www.baliblogger.info/when-to-visit-bali/. This is perfect for keeping all of Bali’s lush vegetation beautiful and green. Bali in the rainy season (especially towards the end) is at its most beautiful. Jaw-dropping views of bright green rice terraces next to crystal clear ocean and bright white sandy beaches. The island of Bali in any season is a perfect backdrop for romantic wedding ceremonies.

Should couples avoid getting married in Bali during the rainy season?

The peak time for weddings in Bali is during the dry season. Couples feel that there is less risk of rain on their big day. Brides and grooms who opt for a dry season wedding will pay higher costs and experience a more crowded Bali than couples who opt for a Bali wedding during the ‘wet season’ months. And there is no absolute guarantee that it won’t rain. In more recent years, the dry season has experienced fairly frequent bouts of rain. This has made Bali farmers very happy, but has resulted in some disappointed newlyweds. From January onwards, prices start to drop and the cost of weddings lower significantly. Some couples think that this is a much better option as it means that they can get more for their money. There are also lots of contingencies that experienced wedding planners like The Seven Agency put in place in case of rain. The Seven Agency also hold many of their weddings in the South part of Bali which tends to experience less rain than other parts of Bali, Nusa Dua has less rain than an inland location such as Bedugul or Ubud.

Wedding in Bali During Rainy Season

Rain can create amazing wedding shots

The great thing about tropical rain is that the temperature stays lovely and warm so you don’t need to worry about you or your guests feeling cold. Also, some of the best wedding photography has been created in rainstorms. With that feeling of freshness and exhilaration, couples tend to really let go, allowing the photographer to get some incredibly natural and powerful shots.

How can we be prepared in case of rain?

There are some wonderfully decorative and clever ways to prevent a soaking wedding party if it rains. Decorated umbrellas and a beautifully decorated tent can keep you rain free or shaded from the sun, so useful in all conditions. The great news is that during the rainy season, The Seven Agency offers couples a tent FOR FREE as part of a Seven Agency Wedding Package. This means that couples can save even more of their wedding budget to spend on their honeymoon!

Terms and conditions:

*Tent for free apply only for reception.
*Tent for free apply for all couples who have more than 20 guests and reception.
*This conditions valid only for event hold in December until March
*Ask please your wedding expert to send you layout and type of the tent, which will be included for free.