Pre wedding photography in Bali

What is a pre-wedding photo-shoot?

Most of us know about actual wedding shoots, and even engagement photo-shoots, but a pre-wedding photo-shoot, what is one of those? Well, it is simply a pre-arranged photo-shoot that takes place before the actual wedding day. It usually involves using various props, sometimes at several locations and more often than not the bride and groom will be photographed wearing their actual wedding outfits, so no superstition about not seeing the bride in her gown before the wedding! Pre-wedding photography is becoming more and more popular, particularly in Asia, and there are a number of reasons why couples choose to spend extra money getting snapshots before the big day.

Why have a pre wedding photo-shoot?

It is a good idea to use the same photographer for your pre-wedding photo-shoot and for your wedding day. This provides an opportunity to get to know you as a couple before the big day. He or she can then understand what type of images you want and also how to get the best possible shots from you. It also gives you ample time to get to know the photographer so that you feel comfortable posing on the wedding day. With no distractions, the photographer can really capture the essence of you as a couple and you will have a wonderful portfolio of images that you can use in the run up to, and as extra décor on your big day.

Pre Wedding Photo in Bali

Why is choosing the right pre wedding photographer so important?

Choosing the right photographer is important to ensure that you have a great selection of images to use, and to set the tone for the big day. Getting the right photographer for any event is not easy, but for any wedding related photos it is essential that you choose one who is able to create exactly what you want. For most other elements of the wedding such as décor, cake, and entertainment, you have a very good idea of what you will be getting. However, all you have to go from when choosing your pre-wedding photographer is a portfolio with samples of photographs from other people’s weddings. This means that careful research and clear communication about artistic style and requirements is essential.

How to choose the right pre wedding photographer in Bali

Bali is teeming with photographers, offering the perfect pre-wedding photos. How can you be sure that the one you choose will give you the shots you want? If you are using a good quality wedding planner he or she will know what type of questions to ask so that they can seek out the most appropriate pre-wedding photographer that matches your brief. But if you decide to find one yourself, you can narrow down the search by working out what kind of style you want. Photographers have different styles, for example, some create colorful vibrant images, and others provide more of a moody, atmospheric feel. Once you have made our choice, make sure it is the same photographer who turns up on the day otherwise you might find yourself stuck with a completely different style.

Bali Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Best locations for a pre wedding photo-shoot in Bali

Most pre-wedding photo packages in Bali will come with a selection of locations to choose from. If you opt for a package then the photographic team should have a good idea of what locations work best, based on the style that you have requested. Bali has such a varied landscape that your pre-wedding photography shoot can easily become and fun and exciting sightseeing day too!