How much does a wedding in Bali cost?

So, you decided you want to get married on one of world’s most beautiful and exotic islands but you are wondering about the cost of a wedding in Bali? Of course, it is easy to lose yourself when daydreaming about getting married on a gorgeous white sandy beach with the stunning island sunset as the backdrop but someone does need to pay attention to the costs of such a dream-come-true wedding day. Let’s take a close look at the prices of awedding in Bali.

Why is it important to plan the cost of your wedding and have a clear overview of the Bali wedding prices

Unless you have bottomless pockets or money growing on a tree in your backyard, almost everybody will have a limit as to what they can spend on their wedding. Unlike a birthday party or other special events, a wedding has probably been part of the bride’s dreams since she was a little girl. The last thing you want is to get carried away with the planning and realize half way through that you don’t have the budget to add the all-important final touches to your picture perfect wedding day. When wanting to get married in a far away exotic place like Bali, the wedding costs have to be watched even more closely.

Wedding in Bali

Prices of Bali wedding packages

The best way to plan your dream wedding in Bali, is by partnering up with a good, experienced Bali-based wedding agency with more than a lot of good reviews. There are many companies around, offering excellent wedding packages to suit all kinds of budgets. Of course, it is hard to decide on the right company as the choices are endless. Key elements are tons and tons of good reviews, flexibility, competitive prices, a personal wedding planner you feel a connection with and the agency’s knowledge of Bali has to be abundant.

Whether you have 1 million dollars to spend or just one thousand, with careful organization, good budgeting and some good advice from experienced professionals, it is very possible to have your dream wedding in Bali. The first step to any wedding planning is to set your budget. It doesn’t have to be to the precise penny, but you do need to have a good idea of the range that you will have available. Once you have done this, you are ready to roll with ideas and get cracking on the planning.

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There are many factors that can affect your wedding budget; the two most obvious ones are the number of guests and the wedding location. If you want to have a wedding reception and plan on inviting guests, you are already looking at a particular price range. It is useful to cap your numbers at a certain level so you don’t get carried away with the guest list. Bali offers a huge range of amazing wedding locations, all with stunning views and unique island sceneries as the backdrop for the most important day of your lives to take place. Overall, the prices are cheap compared to those in the western world but some of the wedding venues are also very expensive. Using a wedding company such as The Seven Agency can help you to narrow down your options and focus on locations that are within your price range and no less beautiful and romantic.

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Why wedding packages can save you time and money

If you google the words ‘Wedding” and “Bali’ together in one sentence, you will come across endless pages of wedding professionals offering their services, from hotels, villas, agencies, planners, entertainers, bridal wear, the list goes on and on. If you don’t know anyone who has experienced a wedding in Bali or you don’t know where to start, it can be very daunting. You won’t know what the possibilities are and you certainly won’t know who you can trust to organise the most important day of your lives. This is why opting for a reputable wedding planner who operates in Bali and has a great deal of experience, is a good start to ensure a stress-free time planning your wedding day on this beautiful island. Why? Because they have already done all of the searching, researching and quality checking for you. An agency like The Seven Agency also offers wedding packages, which makes it even easier. All you have to do decide what type of wedding you would like, and search through the options available. All of the information is organised based on budget options too so you are 100% clear on what is included.

Wedding in Bali

The great thing about the packages offered by The Seven Agency is that they have all been tried and tested and they all have actual real life photos to give you newlyweds to be a very clear image of what your wedding day in Bali can be like. Having the reassurance that your big day will be as beautiful and special as you are hoping for is priceless. Of course, each wedding ceremony is different and couples should be able to add their personal touch to make their wedding day in Bali unique, personalized and everything you want it to be or even more.

The Seven Agency is based in Bali and knows the island inside out. No secret was left unrevealed to the travel and wedding experts of this company and they collaborated with the most luxurious boutique hotels, private villas and luxury resorts. Whether you want to get married at the edge of an ocean cliff, at the bottom of a cascading waterfall, with your feet in the sand on sugary white beach or in the middle of emerald rice paddies, they know where to find these magical locations and they also know the most magnificent wedding venues at these specific location at the best affordable prices.

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The team at The Seven Agency are experienced and passionate about their work. They will encourage you to add that personal touch, to let your imagination run wild and custom-design your Bali dream wedding. Each wedding is planned carefully with flexibility, personal attention and an individual approach as key elements in the proces. Do have a look at the signature wedding packages on the website of The Seven Agency. It will help your to get a good idea of their services and it can be a great source of inspiration for your wedding day in Bali. On the website, you can see the exact details of what is included and you can also see the prices of their Bali wedding packages so that there are no hidden surprises and you can feel confident that your wedding budget will be in safe hands.

Bali Wedding Packages

The Seven agency is a destination wedding planner and has vast amounts of experience when it comes down to planning the most amazing weddings, not only in Bali but worldwide. Their global team works only with the best and most trusted vendors so that couples can be assured of a top quality. The agency planned over 2000 weddings and the reviews of newlyweds are most reassuring that this agency makes a great partner to plan your wedding day with. Contact them here to ask all of your questions or to talk about the possibilities and the costs of your wedding in Bali.