Best wedding photographers in Santorini

Santorini is a wedding destination where thousands of professional wedding photographers can be found. That gives you a great range of options however makes it also difficult to understand which Santorini wedding photographer would be the best for your special day.

When researching you will find a lot of listings and information about Santorini photography. You will find listings of who is the best or the most demanded photographer. The bad news are, these are mostly quiet pricy or fully booked long time in advance. If you do not have the budget for a superstar photographer or your favorite one is already booked for your wedding date; do not worry as there are plenty other talents who will amaze you with perfect shots of your Santorini glam wedding.

Very often international photographers are travelling to Santorini for a specific period. If you want to have one of the bests shooting your wedding it is possible to decide on the photographer in last minute. This means, you would receive a list of currently available photographers and the portfolio, so you can easily choose from them. This has the advantage that you will not have to spend extra on your photographers travel expenses.

There are also very good local photographers who can shoot everything from pre weddings until Santorini princess weddings.

Santorini Wedding Photographer

Beside choosing based on the portfolio there are some other factors which you should consider when choosing your Santorini wedding photographer:

  • Is the photographer flexible and listens to your wishes?
  • Do you like the photography style of the photographer? If you wish to have for example vintage style photos than you need to look specifically for photographers who are specialized in that style. It’s hard for a photographer to change the style in which he or she is specialized
  • Does the photographer do also pre wedding shootings? It’s good to have the same one for both, your pre-wedding photosession and wedding. In the same time you can get to know the photographer during your pre-wedding shooting which will help to work together easily on the big day

Keep this questions in your mind when searching for your Santorini photographer. For specific suggestions, please contact our team who will send you suggestions for photographers who fits the best to you.