Best beaches for your Santorini wedding photoshoot

Why Santorini Beaches are Spectacular

The beaches of the Greek island of Santorini are stunning in their own right. Here you will notfind the idyllic stretches of white sandy beaches typical of other Greek destinations, but instead, something much more unique. Due to the caldera (volcano) looming on the west side of the island, the majority of the beaches, located on the east and southeast of the island, are made up of rich, volcanic ash. This results in differing colored sand, which contrast magnificently with the crystal clear, aqua sea blues of the Agean sea and the natural settings, making for wonderfully unique wedding photographs.

Kamari, the Best Santorini Black Sand Beach

Other than the sunsets over the caldera, Santorini is best known for its black sand beaches. Whilethere are a number of beautiful black sand beaches in Santorini, the cosmopolitan beach of Kamari is a stand out. Kamari sits under Mesa Veuno Volcano and the ancient Thira, and it wasthis volcanic activity that resulted in the unique black color of the beach so unique to this island.Do note that this does heat up spectacularly, particularly under the midday summer sun, so besure to take beach appropriate shoes to protect your feet.

With quick access to a plentiful supplyof cafes and restaurants with a holiday buzz about the place, the stone-paved promenade runsalong the length of the crescent shaped bay, affording a good vantage point over the beach witheasy access. Bougainvilleas abound, providing another shot of brilliant Greek color to yourphotographs. On this famous black sand beach itself, the multi-colored beach umbrellas contrastbeautifully with the deep blues of the ocean, and the dramatic whitish-brown cliffs beyond; addin the wedding couple resplendent in wedding whites for a picture perfect finish.

Black Sand Beach Santorini

White Sand Beaches

If you are after an outer-wordly photographic experience, on the southwestern side of Santorilies Vlychada Beach, or White Sand Beach, which is well worth a visit. This is a much quieterbeach, without the hustle and bustle of Kamari Beach. What sets White Sand Beach apart though, is not so much the white sand underfoot, but the unusual white volcanic rock formations, givingthe impression of being on a moon landing. These rocks jut out at the end of the beach with araw sense of beauty, providing a backdrop like no other. As a result, photographs taken here atWhite Sand Beach have the incredible contrasting blue hues of the sea, the whitish sand belowand the white, highly textured, hole-filled rock formations looming overhead.

Red Beach

Another stunning Greek beach with a difference worth considering for wedding photography in Santorini is the aptly named Red Beach. This is often lauded as one of the most famous and spectacular beaches in Santorini, for good reason. Red Beach is again made up of the remnants of volcanicactivity, but this time comprising of red lava rocks, pebbles and sand. This makes it one of themost unique beaches in all of Greece. A fairly narrow stretch of beach, it is tucked into the cornerof an exposed red cliff. What this results in is an absolutely magnificent view, with this vibranthued red towering behind, the red pebbles and sand underfoot, the crystal clear blue in varyingshades of the sea in front, and the wide expanse of Mediterranean sky above. You will be leftbreathless at the awe-inspiring views Red Beach in Santorini provides.

Red Beach Santorini