Balinese wedding ceremony

Bali is rich in culture

Bali is an island blessed with culture and spirituality. Everywhere you turn there is a Hindu temple hosting offerings. Ceremonies are frequent and sometimes quite elaborate with beautiful decorations and costumes. Many people visiting the island enjoy absorbing the rich cultural history and relish in the calmness and tranquility that the island offers. There is something really special about a Balinese Ceremony, the rituals, and smells, stunning costumes and smiling faces. This is why some couples opt to integrate some of this special culture into their own wedding day.

What is a Balinese Blessing Ceremony?

Weddings are considered a very important stage of life for the Balinese because they see it as a way to harmonize the material and spiritual worlds. It becomes as important a life event as it does a spiritual milestone. Before this milestone can be reached, the wedding must be performed in sequence. Visiting couples are able to opt for a wedding ceremony that incorporates some of these beautiful Balinese Hindu rituals and customs, providing a truly unique and romantic experience. In a Balinese wedding ceremony the couple can dress up in traditional Balinese wedding costume and enjoy entertainment from traditional music and dance. A simple blessing by a Hindu Priest (Pemangku) is also available if desired.

Why do couples opt for a traditional Balinese Wedding?

Many couples decide to get married in Bali because they appreciate the culture of the island as well as its beauty. So many couples choose to absorb this into their wedding ceremony and opt for a Balinese Blessing, enhancing an already special day with a touch of culture and spirituality.

What you should know before you take part in a Balinese Wedding Ceremony

There are various types of Balinese Blessing Ceremonies that couples can choose from, most of them take a while to plan and include various costumes, rituals and cultural performances. The full Balinese Hindu wedding ceremony is a sacred wedding ritual and results in the couple becoming Hindu. Couples who don’t wish to do the full ceremony can opt for a Balinese Wedding theme ceremony instead of the Hindu religious wedding.

Balinese Wedding Ceremony

Some ideal locations for a traditional Balinese wedding

Couples can enjoy a Balinese themed wedding ceremony anywhere in Bali. Some venues offer it as a specific wedding package and many wedding planners offer a traditional Balinese Ceremony as one of their packages. The ideal location would be a temple or traditional building that can provide the right kind of cultural backdrop. If you search via reputable wedding planners they will have already done the hard work for you and found the most ideal locations.

A traditional Balinese blessing ceremony offers an experience like no other. The Balinese boast a truly unique culture, with certain ceremonies, traditions and rites that are completely unique to this island. So couples who choose a Balinese wedding ceremony can honestly say that they experienced a wedding ceremony truly unique to the amazing island of Bali.