Bali – the perfect wedding destination

Bali is a popular tourist destination

Bali holds centre stage as one of the most popular Indonesian islands for tourists from all over the world. As soon as you step onto the island, the reason for this becomes quite clear. You can almost feel the warm arms of the island embrace you in a welcoming hug. Big beautiful island smiles from the locals greet you wherever you venture. The locals seem permanently content, probably because everyday they wake up surrounded by the natural beauty of the island and the scent of burning incense.

Bali is a perfect wedding destination

Bali has blossomed into an island filled with romance, culture and spirituality. A magnet for creatives, romantics and nature lovers. Bali has fast become a top choice for wedding destinations and as a result the wedding industry has boomed. There are now reames of wedding professionals looking to organise pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding ceremonies and honeymoons. Most brides dream of a perfect location to experience the biggest day of their life and Bali offers everything that a bride is looking for.

 Destination Wedding Bali, Indonesia

Why is Bali such a great wedding destination?

It is not only the friendly locals that make the island of Bali special and such a perfect location for weddings. The geographical landscape is absolutely jaw dropping, and wonderfully varied. The rugged southernmost part of the island, known as the Bukit, is host to some of the most beautiful clifftop villas and hotels that offer a stunning backdrop to the ideal wedding. Bali also boasts some of the purest white sand beaches, fresh crisp waterfalls and enclaves of undulating rice paddy fields.So much choice for couples searching for an ideal place to tie the knot.

What are the most popular wedding spots in Bali?

There are many recommended Bali wedding destinations. You can opt for a traditional beach wedding, jungle venues, clifftop locations, scenic waterfalls and some really unique and inspiring places. A couple’s choice of destination wedding in Bali depends on what type of experience they are looking for. It can often feel overwhelming searching through the pages of wedding agencies and venues, so opting for a wedding planner that offers packages can often narrow down the search. Couples can search through destination wedding packages in Bali and get a good idea of what is on offer.

 Best Wedding Destination Bali

An example of a unique and breathtaking destination wedding package in Bali

Nestled in the heart of a lush green forest sits a stunning fresh waterfall. This amazing location is just one hour out of Ubud, the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali. Whispers of a magical ambience fill the air and everything is so fresh and green you feel wonderfully removed from civilisation and at one with nature. The Seven Agency offer this once in a lifetime experience and provides a professional service from start to finish.  A pre-wedding consultation gets to the bottom of your wants and desires and the team arrange everything so it is perfect. From the special welcome drinks, customised background music, stunning décor and much more. The bride looks stunning against such a perfect backdrop, every wedding photographer's dream because he knows what great photos he will take.

A Bali wedding ceremony is surprisingly affordable

Wedding ceremony costs in Bali vary depending of the type of venue, number of guests and level of entertainment. Simple, intimate wedding ceremonies like the waterfall wedding are surprisingly affordable. Opting for a wedding package offers couples a clear idea of exactly what is included so there are no nasty surprises when the bill comes. Couples can also feel confident knowing that a wedding planner as professional and experienced as The Seven Agency has a select network of partners that have been quality checked and the preferential prices have already been negotiated.

For Brides looking for a unique, unforgettable wedding experience, the island of Bali is a special place definitely worth considering. Once you decide on Bali as your chosen destination to tie the knot, take a deep breath and enjoy the experience of planning the biggest most exciting day of your life!